Tatu Ylonen – Managing SSH Clients and Servers


Published on: December 14, 2020
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SSH (Secure Socket Shell) is one of the most important Linux administration tools. Understanding its use gives systems admins the ability to securely connect to Linux servers and to transfer files to and from these servers. In this course, you?ll learn how to install and configure the SSH server, connect to it via the command line, and make use of some of SSH?s lesser-known client tools, such as scp command, ssh key authentication, ssh-agent, ssh-add, and sshfs. Participants must understand basic internet terms (e.g., IP addresses), the command line, and the package manager for their Linux distribution of choice. Access to a standard UNIX account with sudo rights (or the ability to gain access to root privileges) on both the client and server is also required.

Understand in detail why SSH is one of the most important Linux admin tools Master the ability to confidently administer a remote server using a secure protocol Discover why it?s important to block root login access to the SSH server Learn why scp and sshfs should be the file sharing tools of choice versus Samba or FTP Understand why connecting to SSH via SSH keys is a valuable concept to employ Gain experience copying files to and from a server using the command line and graphical tools


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