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TeamTreehouse – Blend Conference 2014


Published on: December 14, 2020
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A generalist conference featuring 60+ diverse speakers sharing ideas and conversations about user experience, design, front-end and back-end development

List of talks:
– Applications, Languages, and Libraries
– Hardware for a Soft World
– Designing for Clients: Working Together For The Health of the Project
– Designing for Love
– Azure for non-Microsoft People
– JavaScript, The Cloud, and the rise of the New Virtual Machine
– Ain’t No Party Like A Third-Party JS Party
– Digital Adaptation Time to Untie your Hands
– Design for the One Little Thing that Changes Everything
– Interface Writing: Code for Humans
– Designing for a Brand Aware-less Customer
– Good Design for Good Reason
– The Web Developer’s Toolbag
– How Designers Destroyed the World
– Sell Your Story, Grow Your Business: How to Create Engaging Content That Attracts and Converts
– Simple Accessibility: The Bare Minimum for Compassionate Development
– Teaching with JavaScript
– Building Modern Web Applications with Meteor
– My Handbook
– Polishing Your Content Publishing Process
– Building OSS-Centric Companies (and why you want to)
– Shepherding Unicorns: How to be a Good Web Mentor
– More Than UI: How the Brand Plays a Role in the User Experience
– API Anecdotes and Aspirations
– Lessons Learned from Teaching Thousands of People to Code
– The Future of Interfaces to Government
– Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts
– To The Moon And Back: Taking the Leap Towards Solving Big Problems
– Take a Deep Breath: We’re All in This Together
– Black Girls Code
– How Usable Are You?
– Work is the Magic Bullet
– Reaching asynchronous cloud nine in JavaScript
– Sass Map Magic
– Neuromarketing: The Next Generation of Customer Intelligence
– You, Me & the Future of Online Video
– Responsive Email Design and Tooling
– Full-Stack Clojure
– Responsive Typography
– The Creation of a Brand
– SVG is for Everybody
– How to Do Great Work Without Losing Your Shirt (and Soul)
– Love & Trust What we know about relationships holds true in products
– How to Make Sense of Any Mess
– Start at the Top: Getting Your First Design Job in Tech
– Web Designer/Motion Designer
– Team Communication Through Code
– Falling in Love with Forms
– Beyond MVC


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