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Tearsheet Swipe File


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Marketers who use Direct Mail have reported an average of 30% higher conversion using tearsheets.This swipe file contains 38 different tearsheet samples used by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Scott Tucker and other DM experts.

If you have ever looked for good tear sheet samples for your swipe file online, you know they are hard to find.

Not sure of the origin, a friend gave most of them to me and I have added a few others. I think it’s from a info product, but I couldn’t find a reference page.

The collection contains both newspaper and magazine style tearsheets in industries ranging from mortgage, to auto dealer, to Miracle Ear, to skin care.

Here is a sample of the titles:

$425 Billion Government Giveaway
Beautiful Skin Breakthrough
Attention Homeowners – Refinance Now
Brain Health Research – Brain Serum
Brutal Fact – Women’s Guide To Financial Survival
Dan Kennedy Millionaire Maker
Home Loan Time Bomb
Newly Opened Spa The Hottest Spa Destination
Outfox Your Competition
Senior News… Meds From Over The Border
Star Athlete Loses 117 Pounds


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