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Tecademics Courses 2016


Published on: December 10, 2020
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SHOPIFY CASE STUDY Of A Student That Did $35K+ In Sales In 12 Days! In this training video Chris Record interviews one of his students, Jon Alfredsson, about his Shopify success. Jon will give you a full look at all of his shopify statistics and do a full tour of his store and more! If you have any interest in learning more about how to set up your own e-commerce store, then you will love this pure value training. Enjoy! How to Get Facebook Video Views for $0.01 or Less Each! In this video Chris Record shares a very specific step by step process that you can use to help videos go viral on Facebook for less than a penny each! In fact in some cases, as low as $0.0003 per view! This strategy works for your own branded videos, as well as viral videos that you find on the web. If you want more traffic, leads and sales, definitely watch this training and apply it! 7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement All right, so let?s get started with Facebook magic trick number one. Seven steps to triple your Facebook engagement. Okay, let?s get started with step number one. The first thing I want you to do is I want you to understand the original Facebook EdgeRank algorithm, so you get a basic overview of what?s working these days and what used to work. Now the original EdgeRank algorithm on Facebook used to be edge, affinity, weight and time. Let me explain what each one of these are. Don?t worry. If you think this is complicated or not, don?t worry. It?s super simple, and this is just for illustration and example purposes because Facebook has changed so much but it?s still so helpful, okay? HOW TO GET A $10,000 WORKING CAPITAL LOAN FROM PAYPAL? Paypal? gives the best loans around, giving you the best resource to build a massive list fast! There is an exact process that I?ve been using successfully with students to help them get $5000, $10,000 and even $20,000 loans through the Paypal? working capital program ? But it requires these vital steps first!


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