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Ted Nicholas – Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Do you really want massive success? There is one skill you simply cannot afford to be without. It is, of course, writing powerful sales copy.

It makes no difference whether you are an entrepreneur or a copywriter (or want to be either one). Most are starving to death to make it without knowing how to write copy that attracts orders like a magnet.

No other skill you may possess will bring you income and wealth. You must prepare sales copy that pulls in orders like crazy!

The real secrets to what make sales copy successful are finally revealed in my home-study course. And four of the world?s most successful copywriters are your mentors.

Did I actually say the world?s most successful?

Yes, I certainly did!

Do you wonder on what basis I make such a claim?

The reality is there is just one basis.


While there are thousands of professional copywriters, only a few are so successful they are in a class by themselves.

Sales results are the only objective basis upon which to judge the abilities of a copywriter.

Matt Furey, Bob Bly Trevor Crook and I have achieved combined sales of over 10 Billion Dollars.

Terry Brock, our world-renowned M.C., will reveal how he routinely sells tens of thousands of dollars in products directly from the platform!

I, alone, have sold over 7.9 Billion in sales copy via direct response.

Compare our total with any other four copywriters in the world. I don?t believe you?ll ever find any whose results are anywhere close to ours.

Why am I telling you this?

For one simple reason. You see, I conduct seminars around the world on copywriting. When I planned my most recent Florida copywriting seminar, I had but one main goal.

To create the ultimate copywriting seminar! And I succeeded! It?s called the ULTIMATE MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING BOOTCAMP.

I invited the three most successful copywriters besides myself to reveal their innermost copywriting secrets. The goal was to share everything they know about successful copy.

Indeed, I twisted their arm to hold nothing back. And boy did they ever deliver!


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