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The 100% You Formula – Julie Renee


Published on: December 10, 2020
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It is on par with Julie Renee?s Apprentice training as you will be learning the deepest levels of how the structure of the blueprint works and how to access and shift, thoughts, body, spirit and energy systems!

Fast Action Program
Video 1: A Little Bit about Me.
Video 2: Your Commitment to Serve

Video 3: Putting Yourself First

Video 4: Learn About Muscle Testing

Clearing Techniques

Video 5: What?s Next for You

100% is Now Possible! Get the secrets at long last,
years in the writing, now finally available ~
It?s time to get on track for a healthier, fantastic life.
Your best life, filled with endless possibilities.

book front imageIn ?The 100% You Formula? you will learn:

The Human Blue Print Structure: PEMER ~ Perception, Essence, Matter, Energy and Realms
How to access the quantum field and alter your reality through a complementary video training series
How to cure Fuzzy Brain and exhaustion with simple techniques you can implement today


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