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The Best Way to Say It with Joshua Lisec


Published on: October 1, 2021
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The Best Way to Say It is a proven, repeatable system anyone can use to go from content chaos to clear, compelling writing that influences people to act without them realizing it.

Finally, a way to unleash your genius say what you mean and write anything right the first time with maximal persuasion even if you’re NOT a professional editor, a “6-figure” copywriter, you just hate writing, or English isn’t your first language. With The Best Way to Say It, you get my proven, predictable process to: + come up with a maximally persuasive idea people have never seen before + decide what to say about it (and what not to) so you save time + structure all your notes into an order so clear, it reads itself + refine every point, story, and example to the point there is literally no better way to say it + search engine optimize the crap out of your content so ready-to-buy customers find it + write a competition-killing bio that positions you as the go-to expert in your niche

The Best Way to Say It includes: + 5 easy-to-watch video tutorials where I teach you step-by-step how to write like a master persuader + a 1-page cheat sheet you can print off and follow (so you don’t have to memorize the videos)

PLUS 3 Bonus LIVE EDITING Sessions Watch me, Joshua Lisec, follow my own process LIVE as I edit: + A personal development book chapter by pro boxer Ed Latimore, turning raw notes into an article he cannot wait to publish + A pharmaceuticals industry blog post with strict compliance guidelines so you see how to write emotionally compelling content when the law limits what you can say + A software lead generation email rewritten LIVE with the entrepreneur so you see how I interpret her real-time content ideas into killer-persuasive copy

Learning the Best Way to Say It, in theory is good. But to watch me follow the process in these LIVE uncensored, unedited sessions is the next best thing to hiring me to write YOUR content.


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