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The Essential Guide to Modern Sports Writing


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Description
What?s up good people? Thanks so much for giving my course an extended look. I am appreciative of your time and extremely humbled to be considered.

A little background on me, my father was a professional boxer in the 1960s so the presence of sports were a significant part of my upbringing. Whether I was playing organized sports, watching sporting events on television or having spirited debates with friends and family about the game, sports has always loomed large ? continually serving as the soundtrack of my life.

I began my sports writing career in the early 2000s and have had the opportunity to write for mainstream outlets such as USA Today Sports, Lindy?s Sports Annual and Examiner. I have also written for major outlets such as HOOPSWORLD, Fight Hype, Boxing Scene, Basketball Insiders and a host of other publications.

I have also been featured as an expert guest on ESPN Radio, Yahoo Sports Radio, CBS Radio, NBC Radio and a plethora of other podcasts throughout the country.

The biggest takeaway from my background that I want to stick with you is the fact I have been able to take a childhood passion and turn it into an enjoyable career. I would be honored to have the opportunity to assist you in doing the same.

My goals for this course is to help you understand how to thrive in today?s modern sports writing climate, the importance of establishing your personal brand, how to treat your fans and followers and the necessity of being active on social media.

This course will also dive into the advantages and disadvantages of creating your own blog or opting to join an established outlet. We will also cover why you should trust your uniqueness as a writer and the importance of checking your ego at the front door.

The journalistic landscape has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. For starters, in today?s competitive environment just having strong writing skills won?t do the trick. We?ll thoroughly cover why today?s writer needs to have more in their repertoire than just a strong pen game.

Once again, thanks for giving this course a strong look and hopefully you will decide to enroll today. I look forward to building a long lasting professional relationship with you.

? Lang

What are the requirements?
Basic understanding of writing
The desire to improve your writing career
What am I going to get from this course?
Why being active on social media is mandatory for sportswriters in today?s competitive landscape
Why finding your own niche and unique voice is critical in differentiating yourself from other writers
Why you need to consistently write high quality content to keep your audience?s attention
Understand the importance of building and protecting your own personal brand
How to avoid losing credibility online and successfully navigate the pitfalls of social media
Gain valuable tips and tricks from other experienced sports writers that will serve as guest lecturers throughout the course
Identify the advantages / disadvantages of creating your own blog versus joining an established outlet and deciding which is the right fit for you
Learn proven story writing tips that will push your content to the next level
Full details
What is the target audience?
Although we focus on sports writing, this course is designed for aspiring writers looking to gain an edge in their journalistic pursuits
Writers who are looking to sharpen their respective skill set, build their brand, strengthen their social media presence and gain tips on how to produce high quality content
This course is NOT designed for those with no understanding of basic writing techniques
This course is NOT designed for those looking for step-by-step guidance on how to write a story or those looking to learn the basics of sentence structure


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