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The Persuasion Code: How to Start and Scale Your Affiliate Marketing


Published on: October 1, 2021
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Would you like to use Twitter to start a profitable affiliate marketing side hustle? Are you interested in receiving weekly Gumroad paychecks for $500 or more?

And do you want a simple but powerful system you can set up once that will allow you to make money even while you sleep? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, keep reading. because this will be the most important letter you read today.

Here’s what’s inside The Persuasion Code: MODULE ONE – AFFILIATE COPYWRITING – Learn how to write words that persuade your reader to take action and click your affiliate link, share your content, or subscribe to your email list. – Discover how to use “psychological undulation” to bypass the logic center of your prospects brain and hijack their emotions. – Prime your reader to buy from you with a versatile formula that works on all your promotional content.

MODULE TWO – EMAIL LIST BUILDING (RELEASED) – Create a persuasive lead magnet using “The Hollywood Formula” that pulls your followers into you email list and primes them to buy from you and only you. – My top secret “Affiliate Hijack” technique that is guaranteed to double or even triple your weekly Gumroad paychecks (nobody else is doing this) – 3 quick and easy ways to instantly boost your conversions and make more sales as soon as someone subscribes to your email list


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