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The Profit Spy


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The Profit Spy promised to be a brand new way of using CPA Ad Networks to generate tons of monthly income.
Well, I have finally got my hands on a copy and here are my thoughts and lets see whether Kunj  Kish have delivered.

What  Is It?

The Profit Spy is a 12 part video course (no software) that takes you through how Kunj & Kish have been making thousands online over the last few years.
I must admit I thought it would be tough for them to come up with something brand new and original with CPA as there has been so many products aimed at Cost Per Action over the last few years.
In fact it must have been so tough because they have not done it. There is nothing new here.

Dont get me wrong, I like the courses. I like the way they are put together in a nice sequence that will allow you to follow exactly how they do it (although it is really missing a ?Over the Shoulder? type example).
I also like the quality and presentation of the videos, they really do look professionally done.

However, I can sum up the whole course in a few lines which will not look too earth shattering to seasoned Internet Marketers.

Find CPA Offers
Build a Blog with a niche keyword
Copy other people who do blogs in the niche very well
If it dont work, choose another keyword

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

People who have never used CPA offers or have been rejected from CPA Networks
People who find it hard to structure blog posts
People who want a good solid way to start Blogging for Profit.


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