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The Truth About Cancer Ultimate Live Symposium (2016)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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What?s the best investment you can make in your life? Have you ever really considered it? Sure, there?s the stock market, bonds, real estate, mutual funds. But those things are all secondary to the #1 investment you can make in your own life that will pay you the greatest dividends over time? Your health. Especially as you start to age and can see serious health challenges on the horizon, or at your doorstep. Heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and even cancer become more likely every year you get older. Investing in your health is the one most important and surefire way to keep your future bright. So we?ve decided to help you fulfill that investment in yourself, your health and your future? With The Most Exclusive Event In The History Of Natural Health? It all takes place October 14th, 15th and 16th, and it?s not hype to tell you this may be three of the most important and impactful days of your entire life. The entire team here at The Truth About Cancer has been hard at work putting together nothing less than the pinnacle of all natural health events. Nothing like it has been done before (and probably won?t ever again!) Why? Because we?ve managed to convince not one, not five, not even ten. but over FORTY of the most influential, brilliant minds in natural health to come join us LIVE and in person for an amazing event called: The Truth About Cancer Ultimate LIVE Symposium And I want you to be there. I want you to rub elbows with the foremost experts in their respective fields on the entire planet. We could easily have filled an arena for this amazing event, but we?ve decided to take a distinctly different approach. We?re strictly limiting the number of participants to just 1500. You read that right. just 1500 lucky people will be in the audience for this live event. Over 40 incredible presenters and just 1500 people. That?s about 1 amazing natural health luminary to every 40 people. So. who?s going to be on the stage? Brilliant minds like. Dr. Joseph Mercola? Mike Adams? Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski? Dr. Joshua Axe? Sayer Ji? Dr. Andrew Wakefield? KC & Monica Craichy? Dr. Jonathan Wright? Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy? Ocean Robbins? Dr. Ben Johnson? Jordan Rubin? Dr. Patrick Quillin? G. Edward Griffin? Dr. Darrell Wolfe? Jeffrey Smith? Dr. Robert Scott Bell? And that?s not the half of it. This event will give you unprecedented access to these superstars in a setting that gives you up close and personal interaction unlike any other event. We?ve captured these amazing minds and we?re physically bringing them right to you along with us, your co-hosts for this amazing event, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, the co-founders of TTAC!


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