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Tim Sales – Professional Presenter


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Tim Sales is a marketer who has had great success in the network marketing business. He is now a trainer and speaker that teaches people how to communicate effectively get more leads convert more referrals and build an MLM business. He has many courses that teach network marketers different aspects of the business as well as tools to help them succeed.

Watch on video as Tim Sales walks you through several one-on-one presentations step by step leaving no stone unturned. Audio’s cover 4 key areas of the Professional Presentation process in detail. Complete course with video audio’s Workbook and full-printed transcripts…

Here is only a fraction of what you’ll learn on the audio’s the video and in the workbook (which also contains full printed transcripts of the audio material) :

* Learn how to present just like the pros even if you are new or afraid to do presentations. Watch and listen to my actual one-on-one presentations and see first-hand how to present your business and product.

* Learn how to create that ?magical connection? with every prospect by using the 10 Communication Qualities for presenting. Your prospects won’t be able to resist joining your business or trying your product after you create this connection.

* Feel fantastic (and confident) about every presentation you make! You’ll deliver powerful presentations using the proven yet simple Presenting Formula?. Prospects will be amazed at your ability to communicate ideas clearly and heed your every word.

* Discover the best (and surprisingly simple) strategy to guarantee your prospect has no misunderstandings or objections and is in complete agreement with every word you say.

* Never be stumped or thrown off track by your prospect’s questions again. Hear several example conversations that explain in painstaking detail how to give logical answers to the 15 most common questions about MLM.

* Discover the little known secret of how to develop a persuasive presentation that speaks directly to each and every prospect and his or her unique needs (no matter what those needs are).

* When you do become a Professional Presenter? you won’t have any more sweaty palms nervous twitches or uneasiness in speaking whatsoever. With this training you will learn how to easily develop complete and logical presentations then be able to deliver them effortlessly and with powerful confidence every single time.

* Tired of having to chase down prospects and constantly follow up only to get the dreaded ?no? response* Discover the four critical questions you must answer before presenting to anyone so you can stop wasting time and only focus on prospects that are as motivated and determined as you are.


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