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Tiz Gambacorta – Amik Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter


Published on: December 26, 2020
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Even if you’re new to making money online, allergic to tech, are already in business but want to make more and work less, or just feel overwhelmed

If you’re trading time for money, or simply want more out of your business,

then you’ve SURELY at least considered the possibility of adding a passive income stream to your income by now.

A nagging, lingering thought that there must be a way to make an online business work for you.

Perhaps you’ve even given up hope on getting this to WORK FOR YOU between unfulfilled promises, overwhelm, frustration with technology, “gurus” and course vendors who are in it only to make a quick buck.

Or, if you’re highly aware, perhaps you’ve identified the lack of success due to a murky cocktail of:

?Not wanting to waste time and money on a complex tech setup that’s all but guaranteed to be a headache ?Not knowing what to sell…or who to sell it to ?Feeling overwhelmed by all the information and not knowing where to start ?A preoccupation with email list building, content marketing, or architecting a fancy, million-dollar sales “funnel” complete with upsells, downsells, “tripwires”, “core maximizers”, tranquilizers, etc (ok, maybe no the last one loooool) Spending money on visitors to a website only to end up with nobody buying from you


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