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TJ Rohleder – The Ultimate Swipe File


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The $100 Million Dollar Man?s ?Ultimate Swipe File?

T.J. had compiled 4,358 pages of the world?s best marketing and copywriting materials ? from the last 120 years. On the CD-ROM, I found a truly astonishing collection of the best-of-the-best sales letters, ads, and marketing pieces. One collection includes 392 pages of ads that ran from 1880 to 1930.

Another collection is 836 pages of the absolute best sales letters, direct mail packages, and ads ? written by the world?s greatest copywriters and marketers.

Another file is 932 pages ? titled? ?The Ultra Private Collection of The Greatest Ads and Sales Letters Ever Written?. On the very first page is Joe Karbo?s famous full-page ad for his book ?The Lazy Man?s Way to Riches? (a MUST read!)? followed by famous ads and letters I?d only heard about. There?s an entire collection (436 pages) of full-page and display ads. And finally, there?s a collection of T.J.?s own sales letters, ads, and marketing materials that helped him make $21 million dollars in just the first few years working for himself!

This has been one of my ?secret weapons? for a long time. I almost didn?t ask T.J. if he?d let me offer this as a bonus with my Millionaire in Training Blueprint ? because I was certain he?d say ?no?.

But I did ask.

And he said ?Yes?.

So thanks to T.J.?s generosity, I?ve been able to get 100 copies of his Ultimate Swipe File on CD-ROM? all 4,358 pages? duplicated and ready to ship out! T.J. didn?t have to give up this amazing tool, but he did ? and I want to publicly say ?Thank You?. It?s really an amazing swipe file? and I guarantee you?ll be glued to your computer screen, reading all of these amazing sales letters and ads.

Believe me, there are more ideas for products, services, offers, ads, and sales letters on this CD-ROM than you?ll be able to use in TWO lifetimes!


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