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Todd Brown – MFA Live 2018 Recordings


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Course Content



Attendees Walked-In As Average Marketers

but Walked-Out With Pro-Level Chops After Just 3 Days?

Which Of These Profit-Boosters Shared At MFA LIVE 2018

Will Be Most Valuable To You And Your Business?

Rapid Customer-Generating Techniques

Extreme Customer Monetization Tactics

The New Webinar Model Creating Millionaires

Backend Profit-Pulling Systems

Email Sequencing Tricks Producing Sky-High Clicks

The New Funnel Model For Monster Lead Generation

The New Conversion ?Mode? Producing Monster Sales

The Loop-Hole Secret For Monster Traffic Generation

Hacks That Boost Average Transaction Size

The Insider’s Method For Slashing Ad Costs

New Copy Techniques Doubling Conversions

? and much, MUCH MORE!

Pro-Level Strategies And Tactics

You Won’t Hear About Anywhere Else:

Some More Of What You’ll Be Learning?

(These IMMEDIATELY ACTIONABLE tactics and strategies

could be packaged and sold for over $5,000 or more!)

Get more customers with?

The new ?Inverted Campaign Model? which RAKES IN NEW CUSTOMERS faster than any other marketing model in 2018!
Exactly which marketing funnel models are working best at which price points! And how to identify the perfect one for your product/service.
Clayton Makpeace’s ?Master’s Closing Trick? which makes your offer absolutely irrefusable!
3 simple things to always include in a video sales letter to quickly DOUBLE or even TRIPLE YOUR RESULTS!
5 COOL ways to justify a high product price? no matter how much higher it is than competitor’s.
How the hottest copywriters are now using ?weird facts? to add MASSIVE CREDIBILITY to promotions? even when there’s no track record!
REVEALED! What Dr. Robert Cialdini calls ‘the MOST POWERFUL PERSUASION TRIGGER on the planet.? And how to use it to make your marketing message absolutely magnetic to prospects!
3 little-known offer types that almost always bring-in at least 200% more sales than any other offer!
How to identify your product’s exact ?PRICING SWEET SPOT? so you get maximum new customers without sacrificing profits!
How to sell high-ticket products to cold traffic without using the telephone, webinars, or any sales people!
How to turn almost any losing marketing campaign into a winner with a simple ?mathematical rubric?.
?and much, MUCH MORE!

Bring-in more leads with?

The new ?Hotlist Technique? which can give you a MONSTER-SIZED list of ready-to-buy prospects quicker than anything we’ve seen in years!
When you must use an opt-in page in your marketing campaign and when you absolutely must NOT! (The answer will surprise you.)
Why the savviest marketers DON’T use lead magnets anymore! And what they’re doing instead to generate more leads than ever.
How to get paid every time you get a new lead? as you’re growing a larger and larger email list!
The easiest way to add 10,000 qualified leads to your email list in just four months!
?and much, MUCH MORE!

Spike your sales conversions with?

HOT HACK! The ?Audio Trick?


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