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Published on: December 10, 2020
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?The ?Big Idea Formula? Creating Multi-Million-Dollar Marketing Funnels For Average Marketers!? What I now call ?The Millionaire Maker Formula: E.C. (P.P. + U.M.) + I.I. = B.I.?! It took me over 6 years analyzing multi-million-dollar marketing promotions from the biggest direct response companies on the planet to decipher their winning ?code?. It’s the closest thing I?ve found to a guaranteed six to seven figure marketing funnel!
The A-Player secret to creating a deep feeling of ?hope? within your prospects. so they emotionally and logically believe your offer is the perfect solution for them. like an answer to their prayers!
3 ways to come up with a Unique Mechanism and when to use each – The Existing Mechanism, The Unspoken Mechanism, and the Transubstantiated Mechanism – to instantly differentiate your product from everything else being offered to your prospects!
The little-known Metaphor Trick of elite-level copywritersthat can be used to make almost any product or service feel extraordinary, valuable, and unique!
Know the difference between a Benefit and a Promise in your marketing funnel? You better. Because a combination of these is how the pro-level copywriters craft the highest converting marketing funnels online today.
How to use the ?Other Pareto Principle? to force your brain to constantly bring you a steady stream of winning marketing ideas! (You’ll never be at loss, again, for a truly remarkable marketing idea.)
The one thing Mark Ford (pen name: Michael Masterson) told me he focused on when helping grow Agora Inc. from $15 million to over $150 million dollars a year! (It’s NOT copy, offers, traffic, product development, or building a team. Your whole perspective will change when you hear Mark’s secret to massive growth.)
What I learned from Bill Bonner, founder of Agora Inc., aboutthe ultimate Pattern Interrupt for any marketing funnel. It works to grab the attention of prospects in even the most competitive and saturated of markets.
. and much, MUCH MORE!
?Copy-Boarding: Agora Financial’s Newest Copywriting Technique For Cranking-Out Million-Dollar Promotions!? LIGHTNING FAST COPY: The brand new ?copy process? that’s allowing amateur, wet-behind-the-ears copywriters to bang-out multi-million-dollar sales promotions in under 14 days! It was unheard of in the direct response world- until now.
The ?Hollywood Secret? to ensuring your sales promotion has a complete ‘story arc? that hooks your prospects from idea to sale!
How to identify – in just minutes – your prospects? specific sales objections. and the perfect copy points to use to overcome ALL of them! (It demolishes every reason your prospects could have for not buying.)
The one-page ?Sales Flow List? that prevents wasted copy and boring facts. and gives you a tight, compelling sales message every time!
What Joe does with his marketing team once a week to ensure every new sales promotion brings in no less than ONE MILLION DOLLARS!(Any marketer can duplicate this. even if you’re a solo-preneur with no team.)
RARE FREE GIFT: Your own copy of the exact Copy-Boarding Process document Joe only shares with his internal team of copywriters!(You can?t buy this. or find it. anywhere else!)
. and much, MUCH MORE! SESSION #3
?The Hidden Marketing Funnel Message Structure That’s Made Me Millions!? **BRAND NEW: How to use the E5 Funnel Architecting Gridto identify the perfect marketing funnel hook, structure, message, and length for any offer in any marketplace! (This has never been shared before now!)
Why you MUST understand the ?knowledge gap? of your prospects to accurately determine how long your marketing funnel should be to make the sale!
How to use a Marketing Funnel Thesis to eliminate all the fear and frustration of laying-out a winning message for any marketing funnel! (You’ll never feel overwhelmed again when deciding what you should or sh


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