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    Published on: May 27, 2021
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    Get On A Better Road And. Discover the #1 Never-Fails Breakthrough That Permanently Vanishes Fears About Getting Clients Once And For All-GUARANTEED! (Using the system, consultants like us had their best year ever in 2020!)

    Dear Future Hands-Off Agency Owner:

    What if you found a way to escape the “normal” 9-5 grind work-for-someone else and let them determine how much to pay you, how much time you have off, and what kind of life and lifestyle you could provide your family?

    And what if that “escape” enabled you to work the hours that you want to work, with the people you choose to work with, and the level of income that you want to earn?

    Finally, what if you had a FOOLPROOF process for adding all the local clients you needed and could handle?

    How would your business (or your life, for that matter) change?

    Would your day be one of mostly your own choosing, with time spent with loved ones enjoying things you really wanted to do? Would you take more real vacations and go out to dinner more often? Would you be free to buy gifts for your family and friends? .and not worry over an unexpected expense? You’re Probably Asking, Is This All Really Possible? It all happens because of this.

    We’ll show you in the next 2 minutes the secret that will change your financial and business life forever.

    But be prepared because: You’re Getting a Clear Shot at the Strategy That Doubled Our Revenue in Only 12 Short Months. WITHOUT All The Normal ‘issues’ that spoil a great opportunity like.

    – NO multi-level or network marketing – NO bothering friends, family or neighbors – NO get-rich-on-the-Internet program – ?NO product to buy, inventory, handle or ship – ?NO office needed outside your home – ?NO salaried employees (unless you want) – ?NO credit required – NO Cold Calling strangers – NO Expensive mailings – NO special education required – NO long learning curve – NO equipment to buy or lease – NOT a difficult business – ?NO expensive advertising – ?NO licenses or permits needed – ?NOT time-consuming (as little as 10 hours a week) – NOT disruptive to your family life – NOT real estate or stock market oriented

    (That’s a relief, isn’t it!) First, let’s tackle the BIG MYSTERY. “Why Do So Many Aspiring Business Owners Never Achieve Success?”

    They do the prospecting (which they hate)

    They make the calls (which they despise)

    They do the mailings which are so tedious

    They go to appointments

    They pitch the prospects

    They do the follow-up

    They sign the deals

    They gather all the documents

    They do the post-sale interview

    They design the marketing plan

    They execute the campaign

    They track (and adjust) the campaign

    They stay in touch with clients

    They repeat process again & again Despite Being Overwhelmed By All These Tasks, Most Owners Begin And Stay Solo Practitioners And Even If They Succeed. More Roadblocks Are Waiting For Them.

    – The ‘Big Boy’ marketers can be too much competition – No Name – Without any brand name all but the tiniest businesses are gun shy to hire you. – Poor Quality Of Clients – ?Scalability is difficult (unless you know how) – ?Many local markets are glutted – Retaining clients takes know-how – Insufficient management expertise – Lack of support resources – ?Too many small projects – ?Can’t be 2 places at once – ?Unwilling To tell client the truth (fear) – ?Charging too little


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