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Published on: May 12, 2021
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Academy of Master Closing

Eight CDs ripped in wma format, plus pdf workbook

‘I wanted to thank you for the knowledge and the skills that I have gained from you. I have been listening to your tapes and cd’s for over six years, but recently got really focused and implemented as much as I possibly can, I am going thru the ‘How to master the art of selling anything’ and ‘ Academy of Master Closing’ for the sixth time right now and love it. Since I got involved in the programs about three months ago, I went from making $3000 a month to $7500 this month. I received so much motivation from you that I have started my own corporation. THANK YOU.’

Roman Ogourtsov

Recorded live, this 3-day seminar assumes that you already understand selling basics and are ready to take your career to a higher level.

This important series starts where all of Tom’s other audio programs end. Tom’s in-depth coverage of so many selling techniques will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

You’ll be given 20 different types of advanced closing techniques. Plus, you’ll discover there’s an answer to almost every objection you’ve ever dealt with. The recession, inflation, competition, productivity, bargainers and many more tough situations are discussed, analyzed and reenacted in word-for-word demonstrations that Tom is famous for.

You’ll be given secrets that most top producers use in their own demonstrations. Work on building rapport, sensing the end of a close, and correctly handling follow-up that will help you keep your client base more productive for you.

Once you’ve finished this thought-provoking seminar, you’ll discover what impacts a sale long before you ever reach the close. And, you’ll discover techniques that will broaden your client base with just a minimal amount of effort.

There are 24 power-packed sessions for you to study. Complete just a few and you’ll realize how easy it is for you to be master of your own future. Listen

‘I was a field rep for two years and then started a direct sales company. Long story short, we grossed just under 20 million in door to door sales a year. There is no one better at teaching sales than Tom.’


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