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Tony Staunton – Create a Getting Things Done System & Increase Productivity


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Learn how to use the Getting Things Done system & increase your productivity with Pens and Paper, Files and Folders

Welcome to Create a Getting Things Done System & Increase Productivity. This course is for anyone who feels overwhelmed by their busy, complex lives and has paper, reminders and to-dos coming out of their ears.

Have you ever imagined that there could possibly be a way to manage all aspects of your life; home, work, social, and hobbies, with one tool combined with one method? What if it isn?t just possible, but easy to implement and use? This course will prove to you that the method and tool exists, and by using them you will be able to quickly turn the chaos in your life to order, thus boosting your mental energy. You will regain lost clarity and focus, and maximize your productivity.

What do my students think?

?GTD system can seem very complex to set up. I did learn from watching the videos that it is possible to incorporate in my daily activities and useful for planning and carrying out the goals and plans of my week.? ?Gerard DeSousa

Here is What You Will Learn Throughout From This Course:

A System for Using The Getting Things Done Method by David Allen
How To Set Up The System Using Pens and Paper, Files and Folders
Reduce stress and anxiety
Feel more in control of your day-to-day
Get some headspace
And Much More!


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