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Tony Wright (xTrain) – Pay Per Click Advertising


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Is your website driving lots of traffic? Have you been paying too much for your advertising only to find out that banner ads may not be working as well as budgeted?

Save time, money and frustration with Pay Per Click advertising campaign. Faculty expert, Tony Wright, will introduce you to the money making specialty every online business owner should learn. This course will cover the major (and some minor) PPC players, including, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Learn industry secrets from beginning a PPC campaign all the way to keyword selection, landing pages, and how to launch your campaign.

Class 1: Introduction to Search Marketing

Tony Wright introduces you to Search Marketing. You will learn the difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC(Pay Per Click.) Learn about Contextual Advertising, Behavioral Advertising, and where your ad will be appearing.

This class will cover

* Contextual Advertising
* Behavioral Advertising
* PPC players, Google, MSN, Yahoo

Class 2: Beginning a PPC Campaign

Budgeting how much you want to spend on your advertising is key to beginning your campaign. Tony will show you how to create a budget that works for your website. Tools to help you maintain and understand your resources will be covered.

This class will cover:

* Establishing budgets
* Understanding resources
* Tools

Class 3: Keyword Selection

To sell your product, you must first let the consumer know who you are. Keyword Selection is the way to do this. This class will help you understand this process simply and easily. There are numerous ways to match your keywords to the consumers needs. Learn ways to competitively analysis the keywords that will send consumers your way.

This class will cover:

* Keyword Discovery Process
* Keyword Discovery Tools
* Money Keywords
* Long Tail Keywords
* Branded Keywords

Class 4: Writing the Creative

A succinct, well written ad, is integral to your success. But did you know the major search engines require certain character length headlines? This class will show you everything from how to write that headline correctly to the wording and look of your ad. Tony will show you various ways to test your ad to make sure you are getting the most ?bang for your buck.?

This class will cover:

* Ad Specs
* Getting to the point
* The look of your ads
* Ads for search vs. ads for contextual
* Testing different ads

Class 5: Landing Pages

What qualifies as a good landing page? This class highlights the yays and the nays. Learn to connect your keywords with your landing page to make sure that you are sending people to the landing page that matches the keyword they typed in. There are a variety of methods for testing landing pages, and this class is the place to learn the best ones to use.

This class will cover:

* What makes a good landing page?
* Google Quality Score
* Design of landing p


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