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TTC – Becoming a Great Essayist


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Discover the keys to unlocking your potential in essay writing with Becoming a Great Essayist. These 24 illuminating lectures explore numerous genres or types of essays, challenge you with stimulating writing prompts, and provide insights into how to get to know yourself like never before so that you may write honest, compelling, and GREAT essays. And because essays are so flexible in their style and function, the skills you build writing great essays may be applied to almost all other forms of writing. Dr. Jennifer Cognard-Black, Professor of English at St. Mary?s College of Maryland, is your expert guide. Professor Cognard-Black-who is an award-winning author, a 2012 Fulbright Scholar, and a former student of the renowned author Jane Smiley-has an intimate, honest, and direct approach. She teaches you that the versatility and expressiveness of the essay make it an ideal medium for crafting stories and drawing perspectives out of even the most reluctant writers. As Professor Cognard-Black notes, ?The essay has no fixed parameters apart from including a first-person narrator who is intent on telling the truth. An essay?s form and style is entirely dependent upon your purpose-and your audience. You get to create a new form, and adopt a new style, with each essay that you write.. Essays explore. Essays imagine. Essays digress. Their structures don?t have to have fixed rules.? The goal of a great essay is to connect a personal experience, an idea, or a memory to the world outside of yourself-and the first step is to look deep within your memories, knowledge, and opinions to find that experience. When mastered, the ability to write a great essay provides a solid foundation that allows you to move into other forms of writing with both confidence and skill. The first step in your journey with Professor Cognard-Black is to redefine what the essay means. For many, the word ?essay? brings flashbacks of the schoolroom. Whether you were the kind of student who couldn?t wait to get started or one who faced each writing assignment with a feeling of dread, this course will change how you think about and approach the essay. From the very first lecture, you?ll see how the five-paragraph essay you might remember is vastly different from the master-level essays you?ll review, analyze, and learn to create. You?ll get instrumental insight into what makes an essay great; learn how to work your own stories, perspectives, and memories into a compelling piece; and investigate what to do once you?ve crafted an essay that you want to share. Essay Types: From Personal to Public Since the 16th century, essays have served as a means of connection: a way to persuade others to a certain perspective, a medium to tell a story, and a written record of individual and national histories. The word ?essay? comes from the French essai, meaning an attempt or a trial, which speaks to the flexibility of the form in both delivery and outcomes. The essay itself is a thought experiment which can employ a variety of lengths, styles, and genres, including political, personal, humorous, and historical approaches. Further, a well-written essay may evoke an assortment of emotions or reactions. These works, often short yet profoundly poignant, have the power to make readers laugh, cry, think, or change their opinions


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