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Twitter – Proven Twitter Marketing – Tweet Like A Rockstar


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The Ultimate, Proven System For Twitter Marketing That Makes Twitter Your Sales Generating Hero. Tweet Like A Rockstar!

Are you unclear about how Twitter fits in with your marketing?

Would you like a clear plan to follow to show you how to get more exposure, leads and sales by using Twitter?

I can show you how to bring it all together and use Twitter to build a rocking business in just 30 minutes a day.

I Believe Twitter is the Most Powerful Tool to help Your Achieve Your Financial Goals Right Now

Take a look at these amazing Twitter facts:

There are 310 Million ACTIVE Monthly Twitter Users.
47% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit the company’s website.
There were 157 Billion Twitter Timeline views in the first quarter of 2014.

This is a proven Twitter marketing plan you can use to grow your business, right now

Part One Of This Course Is:

TWEET LIKE A ROCKSTAR – Your Proven Plan for Using Twitter

When You Join TWEET LIKE A ROCKSTAR I’ll help you create a profitable Twitter Marketing Plan that will give you the confidence you need to build a business that’s crushing it.

What’s Included in the Course?

Module 1: Getting Started on Twitter, Setting Up Your Account for Success
In this module you will learn how to rock through Twitter, set up your account, choose a username and position yourself as a credible authority within your industry

Module 2: Creating Tweets that Capture Attention
In this module you will learn how to create a content strategy that converts, how to tweet, what to tweet, when to tweet and how to use third party applications to enhance each tweet.

Module 3: Attracting Raving Fans and Growing Your Following
In this module you will learn the best techniques for attracting raving fans, increasing clicks to your website and building your email list.

Module 4: Increasing Your Reach and Visibility Online
In this module you will learn the best strategies to increase your impressions and reach, create new opportunities for your business, attract new leads, how to support others who align with your brand and how to interact via direct message.

Module 5: Utilizing Tools to Improve Your Twitter Strategy
In this module you will learn about tools to help you schedule your Tweets, measure success, automate engagement and directly make sales from Twitter.

If for any reason you’re not happy with the course, I’ll give 100% of your money back within the first 30 days.

When You’ve COMPLETED This Program

You’ll Be Able To…

Create an effective Twitter Marketing Plan for your business
Design a Profitable Marketing Funnel
Get a positive ROI from your Twitter Marketing Plan right away
Build your Email List on a budget
Sell your products and services using Twitter
Position Yourself as the Rockstar in your industry

Part Two Of This Course Is:

Blab Marketing – Market Your Business With Blab

10 ways to use the Blab livestream site to get instant, free, targeted traffic to your product or service

This course shows you how to use Blab to grow your audience & reach, maximize your conversions & sales and dramatically increase your business income.

What is Blab?

Launched in April 2015, Blab is the hottest new livestreaming platform to hit the Internet. (Hotter and newer than Periscope!)

Blab is brand-new and taking the Internet by storm!

The average Blab user spends 64 minutes on Blab! (engagement is through the roof)

With Blab, you can launch live broadcasts that include up to 4 people on a broadcast.

This is exciting and fun because of the collaboration and intensity of the conversation.

You can also have new guests “pop in? or “pop out? of your Blab and as the host, you stay in control the


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