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U.S. Andersen – The Greatest Power in the Universe


Published on: December 10, 2020
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U.S. Andersen ? The Greatest Power in the Universe: Discover the amazing power in your mind and how to use it. [Audiobook ? MP3] U.S. Andersen ? The Greatest Power in the Universe
Discover the amazing power in your mind and how to use it. WHAT THIS BOOK WILL DO FOR YOU 1. It will show you how to use the greatest power in the universe to develop your abilities and attain your desires. 2. It will teach you how to use the strongest structure in the universe to build better memory and accelerated mind-power. 3. It will show you how to use Inner Ecology to improve your health, increase your longevity, and restore your body to youthfulness. 4. It will teach you how to use the feedback signals of Outer Psychology to remove emotional charge from your memory bank and free your energies for success and achievement. 5. It will show you how to use the Ecology Diet to build up your vitality and increase your energy and free yourself from disease and malfunction. 6. It will teach you a simple new way to quit smoking, stop drinking, and rid yourself of excess weight. 7. It will show you how to open the door to your subconscious mind and use its forces to win love and happiness. 8. It will teach you how to establish contact with your Master Mind and use its powers to expand your consciousness and experience astral travel. 9. It will show you how to meet and know your Master Self?the spiritual guide who controls your destiny. 10. It will give you techniques for recalling your past lives and teach you how to become free of your karma. 11. It will show you how to see into the future, perceive things at a distance, read the thoughts of others. 12. It will reveal to you your spiritual destiny?show you how to claim that destiny now?place in your hands the keys to immortality and power.
PROLOGUE ? ATLANTIS RISING The American Dream is the ancient dream of the prophets of Atlantis who sought union with God and thereby a measure of God?s freedom and power. Today, all that man remembers of Atlantis is ?the gods who came out of the sea??the glory of their golden ornaments, the transcendency of their wisdom, and the sanctity of their symbols. Wherever the Atlanteans roamed, they erected temples and pyramids patterned after the great sanctuary in their City of the Golden Gates, and so it was that they built the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico, and Central America. In the midst of this program of colonization, the cataclysms began that sank Atlantis beneath the sea. The spiritually illumined withdrew from the doomed continent, carrying with them their Sacred Scrolls. Nearly all the cosmological myths that underlie the world?s Great Religions are based on the Atlantean Sacred Scrolls, for they comprise the Great Way to spiritual illumination. There are many paths, but there is only one Great Way. Now the cast of characters has assembled once again. Now the costumes and settings have been taken from memory?s storage and refurbished anew. Now the orchestra strikes the first resounding chord of the overture. The curtain is about to go up. Atlantis is rising . . . Contents 01 ? Chap 1 ? Discoveries of Cybernetics
02 ? Chap 2 ? Brainwaves Made Simple
03 ? Chap 3 ? Door to the Subconscious Mind
04 ? Chap 4 ? Turning On with Alpha Waves
05 ? Chap 5 ? Space and Time Unveiled
06 ? Chap 6 ? The Power to Change
07 ? Chap 7 ? Inner Ecology
08 ? Chap 8 ? The Ecology Diet
09 ? Chap 9 ? Outer Psychology
10 ? Chap 10 ? Male and Female Forces
11 ? Chap 11 ? Sex Ecology
12 ? Chap 12 ? The New Ecologists
13 ? Chap 13 ? Psychic Power
14 ? Chap 14 ? The Brotherhood of Light
15 ? Chap 15 ? The Master Mind
16 ? Chap 16 ? The Master Self
17 ? Chap 17 ? The Master Game
18 ? Chap 18 ? The Master Plan
By Peter Uys HALL OF FAME on July 7, 2000
Format: Paperback
This was my greatest discovery of last year.


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