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Uday Saroj – How To Find Your Career From Multiple Passions


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Resolve conflicts, reconcile passions, become an expert generalist or a polymath, or build a life instead of a career.

DISCLAIMER: This course aims to provide you with a rather creative psychological and theoretical framework for analyzing your many or too many career options in a new light. But it is more like the LHC than the particles it studies. The particles you will be putting into this sandbox are the different career options which are both exciting and confusing for you at the same time. This course is a guide, not a directory of available professions for reference. It does not deal with individual career options in the current economy, for the simple reason that there are countlessly many of them and doing so would be irrelevant, not just impractical. But what it does is something rare. It gives you hope if any of the following describes you. You are confused because you are turned on by multiple career paths. You are interested in doing too many things. You had more than one favorite subject in school? Maybe you need to choose with tradeoffs. I can help.

Maybe you don’t want to choose because you want to do everything on your list or that has ever occurred to you. I can help.

Maybe you want to do all the things at once, parallelly. I can help.

Maybe you need to do them one after another, serially. I can help.

Remember that you are overwhelmed, not clueless. Multipurpose, not directionless. Aspiringly polyamorous, not a victimized bachelor.

Well, this course is my answer to the problem of being confused in the face of too many options, a rather recent problem in many ways. I offer a total of six approaches, any one of which you can use for your particular situation. Each one is standalone on its own. If none suffices, you may need a seventh one which I don’t know yet. By no means is the course exhaustive.

While the likelihood of your being actually helped depends upon factors I can’t control, I can say one thing for sure. This course is going to give you something unique, unprecedented, and mindshifting. You may come out enlightened the other side, depending upon where you are in your journey of self-discovery.

P.S. See if this is the rare help you’ve been silently looking for, or someone you know is. Maybe it isn’t nearly as good after all. Well, the only way to find out is to give it a try. I invite you to this course to find out for yourself.


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