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Udemy – Publish Your Book On Kindle


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The buzz in internet marketing industry is Kindle right now, but there is a problem. Most of the Kindle training products are not any good. In fact some of them can get one in trouble with Amazon.

I teaching people the right way to build a long-term successful business with Amazon Kindle products. This Kindle training program is a tool that can make any online marketer a lot more money. Especially for the insanely low price.

What is This Short 1.5 Hours Course All About?

Well inside the program one will discover:

How to outsource 100% of a Kindle business
The top 4 non-fiction markets that make all the money on Kindle
#1 resource for getting ebooks written
Secret outsourcing trick to get Kindle books written in 24 hours
A step-by-step proven system to get Kindle books to dominate any chosen category
Included professional designed Kindle cover graphic and a Kindle ebook template that is pre-formatted for word and open office. I’ll teach you how to generate 21,000 Kindle Book downloads and $300 profit in 7 days.


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