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Van Tharp – Infinite Wealth Course


Published on: December 14, 2020
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What is Infinite Wealth? What would it mean to you to be Infinitely Wealthy? How can you achieve Infinite Wealth? In this tape series John R. Burley and Dr. Van K. Tharp along with Stephanie Olsen and Ken Long help you to answer these questions.

The processes of making money and accumulating significant wealth, including millionaire status, are very easy. They could be taught to every child in school by the third grade. Unfortunately, these principles are not taught in most schools or even in our universities. Instead, most school systems teach us biases which prevent people from making money and even hinders us from having a successful, happy life.

This three day workshop was recorded Live and was designed to teach you how easy it is to be Infinitely Wealthy.

This tape series will help you:

* Overcome years of conditioning by school systems, by your banker
and by your accountant.
* Rethink your Finances. You could be Infinitely Wealthy within a
* Know the difference between working for money and money working for you.
* Increase your income by 1,000% within the next 5 years.
* Develop a personal plan and learn how to overcome your personal
roadblocks so that you can get started on your road to Infinite
Wealth immediately.
* Learn Ken Long’s Strategy on how to outperform the NASDAQ and
S&P 500 Indexes.
* Adjust your thinking to be more like the Rich and less like the Poor
or Middle Class.
* Discover the Still Hidden Benefit for Corporations, The VEBA


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