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Vanessa Van Edwards – Supercharge Your Sales with Body Language


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Supercharge Your Sales with Body Language
Win business, craft a killer sales pitch and learn how to close every deal with advanced nonverbal sales techniques.

Increase your numbers, improve your bottom line and win more deals using nonverbal techniques.

And I am not just talking about the basics of eye contact and a good handshake. I am talking about an advanced body language sales training. To be successful in business you have to know how to sell.

Whether you are pitching a business idea, selling a product or trying to get new clients you have to learn how to effectively sell. I want to show you how to get buy in so people can’t wait to work with you.
What You DON’T Say Matters:

Having a great pitch is only half the battle, you also have to know how to pitch. Research has found that at a minimum 60% of our communication is nonverbal. That means that if you aren’t radically utilizing your body language abilities, your pitch will suffer.

Your client relationship will suffer.

Your numbers will suffer.

More importantly, when someone is presented with a nonverbal and verbal message, your body language is 4.3 times more powerful than your words.
Why You Need Body Language:

I have taught these methods to sales groups around the globe and have finally decided to put them into a course open to the public. Most people dread selling, but I am going to show you how to love it. Using our Dynamic Nonverbal Sales Techniques you will have a completely new approach to your business and potential clients and customers.

I will teach you how to sell yourself, sell your product, and sell your business-with confidence and pleasure.

Yes, I know that is a huge statement. But our clients are already raving:
Early Testimonials and Reviews:

“I cannot express enough my gratitude for the program that you have created. It has truly changed my life.? -Matthew Skurow

“Vanessa did a 3 hour sales training for my team. It was the most impactful three hour training I have had in my career thus far. I can’t believe I have been trying to sell without these techniques.? -Sam Watkinson

“For the first time, I feel like I have control in the way others perceived me. You have helped me in both my professional and personal life tremendously!? -Liliana Galo
The Training Details:

This is the first time we have opened up our Advanced Body Language Sales Training to the public. Vanessa typically does this as a $5,000 corporate workshop, but decided to open it to individuals who want to supercharge their sales.

Hour 1: Foundation in Body Language In the first hour we will look at what the science has to say about how important body language is for selling. Vanessa will also give the quick 1 hour overview of the fundamentals every sales person needs for success. This includes:

What Your Body Language is Saying
Power Body Language to Magnify Confidence
First Impression Science

Hour 2: Your Pitch Supercharged

In hour 2 Vanessa will review your sales pitch down to the nuts and bolts. You will learn how to add nonverbal sales techniques to supercharge your pitch.

Raising the Bar on Your Elevator Pitch
Elevating Rapport and Increasing Responsive Selling
Nonverbal Charisma and Trust

Hour 3: Human Lie Detection and Hidden Emotions

Every super-human salesman needs to be able to spot lies and hidden emotions. Learn how to use this secret super power for good and not evil-and to increase your bottom line.

Sales Human Lie Detection Techniques
Decoding Customer’s Hidden Emotions
Nonverbal Truth Techniques for Easy Communication
Using Body Language in Your Online and Printed Sales Materials

Hour 4: Using Nonverbal for Successful Client Relationships

The last hour is the most important. Vanessa ends the workshop showing


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