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VerDarLuz CelestiOwl – Create and Sell High Ticket, Premium Packages and Programs


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Are you a coach who brings deep and transformative impact to your clients but you’re not earning the income you want? Are you still trading your precious time for money and feeling exhausted?

If you feel like you’ve been undercharging, and you seek a formula to attract your ideal client, for whom you can create your most powerful offering, then this course on how to create Premium Packages is for you!

In 2012, my life changed when I shifted my business away from doing 1-off consultations and readings for my clients. Premium or High-Ticket Packages were the evolutionary key for my ideal business model and service to my clients. This shift to my business was an epiphany for me: I now earn more income than I ever have, I get to bring all my skills and talents to working with my clients, and I have created the lifestyle I want which has allowed me to speak internationally, to travel to over 35 countries, and to cultivate my love of performing live music and DJing, while still being a supportive and transformative coach.

When you learn to package your services in a premium way it changes your entire business.

Premium Packages are an innovative, exciting, and highly creative strategy for you to now earn more income than you ever have and create financial freedom for yourself. High Ticket Packages also allow you to create a deeper impact in your client’s lives, while consistently working with the best, the most dedicated, and mostly highly motivated clients.

In this course, you will learn to Break Through your Money Ceiling, release obstacles to earning your ideal income, and evolve your relationship to abundance.

The first step to do this is to transition out of the “hours-for-dollars” trap. You will learn how to sell the VALUE of your packages and the life-changing RESULTS you offer, as opposed to Time with you. You will learn 5 different, proven Premium Package MODELS for working 1-on-1 with clients You will also discover how to successfully LEVERAGE your time with the Leveraged 1-on-1 Package, as well as how to create Group Programs to touch more lives with your work.

Brand new coaches will learn how to avoid years of struggle and stressful experimentation, while seasoned coaches will learn to take your coaching to a new level of mastery, and shift your paradigm to receive the true value of what you are worth. You will also be empowered to create your own Signature System which will make your work stand out from others, make potential clients hungry for your unique service, and make it far easier to offer your work. You will also learn 6 Proven Strategies to Confidently Market your Premium Packages, as well as the nuts-and-bolts of Enrolling and Retaining your clients in your Packages and Signature Programs.

“Working with VerDarLuz as my business coach, I first learned about how to create a Premium Package of my services. This was the most empowering strategy I could have done for myself and the success of my business. By focusing on providing my client with the RESULT she sought, I signed up my first client with a Premium Package for $3,000 after having my very first enrolling conversation. With more financial resources, I finally felt the strength and confidence I needed to quit my corporate job and trust in my path fully as a healer. I now have the space and time to market my packages and continue to combine all of my skills together in order to provide a deeper value for my clients.”

The Course includes:

-Over 40 videos of instruction and guidance.

-Fill-in-the-blank Worksheets, Templates, and PDFs to:

-Calculate your Ideal Income and a 6 Figure Business Plan

-Create your unique Signature Program

-Design the elements and benefits of your Premium Package

-Personal Assessments

-Examples of Package Descriptions and Potentials for various coaching niches.



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