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Verena Ho – Rapid 5K Subs


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Finally, a scalable system that allows anyone to rapidly build an email list from 0 to 5,000 subscribers! Introducing Rapid 5K Subs
After growing my list to over 5,000 subscribers with my blog, Growthtext, I took what I learned and built a structured course with straight to the point lessons showing how to build your own 5,000 list, and beyond. Lessons come with step by step guides, videos, assignments, worksheets, and templates. My course is called Rapid 5K Subs. It is a scalable method to help anyone build an email list from scratch to 5,000 subscribers and beyond.
Module 1: The Foundation 1. Starting with a quick orientation of the Rapid 5K Subs course and moving through the lessons, you will see the complete strategy I used to grow my own list from 0 to 5,000 subs in 6 months, working at it part time. I take apart every piece of my system to show you how the entire thing works. You?ll get the street view and the satellite view. 2. You?ll learn how to get your list subs to trust you as an expert on a certain topic so that when you have something to sell, they know who you are, and they?ll trust that what you have to recommend to them is valuable. 3. You CAN?T get someone to sign up to your list until you connect with them. I?ll show you the quickest and most effective way to connect with your audience so that giving away their email address to join your list becomes a natural follow-through. Tap-tap-tap-click! 4. When you go out to build your list, focus is everything. Don?t spread yourself out between all the different traffic channels. That?s a guaranteed way to fail. I show you traffic channels you should spend your time on. and channels you should AVOID. 5. You will learn the correct way to set up your email service provider (and the email service provider I use successfully).
Module 2: 50 Subscribers in 24 Hours You will learn: 1. How to sign up your first 50 subscribers in 1 day, regardless of your persuasiveness skill level. 2. How to get your subscribers to spread news of your blog with a click of a button to get more subscribers with little to no effort on your part. 3. How to create your first email collection form. 4. The best placement on your blog for your opt-in form to maximize conversions. 5. How not to trick viewers into joining your email list (it?s a good way to get rejected), and what to do instead. 6. How to craft a compelling call to action that consistently converts at around 20% when the top 10% email collection forms convert at an average of 11.45%. 7. How to make your landing page so interesting that strangers want to share it with their friends. The result? More subscribers! 8. Why you shouldn?t write blog posts to attract email subscribers when you get started (and what to write instead). 9. Which page on your website is going to be the most visited page and how you can make it a page that?s optimized for list building. PLUS, you?ll see my landing page that converts 21% of all visitors. Copy it to your web site to convert ?strangers? into loyal email subscribers.


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