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Video Business 101 – How to Make Money in Video Production


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Video Business 101 is our most extensive training series to date. We take you through the entire process of creating your own video production business, from start up to experienced producer. The information shared in this series could easily cost you hundreds of dollars in seminars or classes, but we?ve condensed it all into a 103 minute video. Don?t let that fool you though, this video contains all the insight necessary to have a firm understanding of running a successful video business. ? Getting Started
? Investing in Gear
? Setting Up Your Business
? Choosing Your Services
? Types of Video Production
? Setting Yourself Apart
? What is Marketing?
? Marketing Yourself
? Maximize Their Investment
? Effective Advertising Not only do we take you through the business of video production, but we take you through the marketing of it as well. Successful marketing is what separates a profitable business from an unprofitable one. We share with you the secrets to help you correctly market yourself and create videos that will be marketable to your end audience. In addition, we also teach you how to come up with you unique video ideas to make your clients want to work with you.


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