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Video Business 202 – Growing Your Business


Published on: December 14, 2020
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In VB101 we discuss starting up your own production company. VB202 expands upon that by giving you tools to not only grow your business but to build it into the dominant production company in your region. This includes training on educating your clients, creating a dynamic presentation, building a great contract, improving your marketing performance and even a section on advanced lighting and shooting to keep you ahead of your competition. As with VB101, the content provided in VB202 could easily cost you thousands of dollars in schooling or countless years of self educating. Here we condense it down to this 123 minute easy to follow and highly invaluable series. Business Models The 3 types of shooters
Building your team
Studio or no studio Working with Clients Interacting with a client
Dealing with difficult clients
Payment Marketing for Success Website SEO
Marketing to agencies
Special offers Improving Your Presentation Educating your client
Developing a quote and contract
Invoicing Advanced Shooting Interview lighting
Stabilizing your shots
Lighting for motion
Location lighting Bonus: We?ve included a PDF Study Guide to follow along with as you watch the training. This guide highlights some of the main points addressed in each chapter and gives you room to take your own notes.


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