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Video Making for Beginners and YouTube Social Networking


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Course Content

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    Course Description
    “If you’ve NEVER made a Video with a Computer before,
    then this course is Perfect for you”

    If you want to make videos for teaching a course or to sell video services to local business owners then this course if perfect for you.

    “If you want to get a headstart on your YouTube channel

    with lots of new subscribers

    and video views from a network of people just like you,

    then this challenge is Perfect for you”

    This course is being updated to include additional information on marketing of videos and video services. This value add to the course is still suitable to absolute beginners as I am still maintaning some of the original content with updates to major changes some websites and software tools have occurred in subsequent videos.

    This course is designed for someone without much knowledge about computers and who has never made a video on a computer before, right up to advanced simple methods of producing videos you can sell and profit from or make your own video courses for Udemy.

    We start from where to get software for a brand new computer and then encourage all students to set up their own channels and help each other to get traction for their videos with subscribers, views and comments.

    I show you everything that I use to make videos and wherever possible I use free software programs or refer you to where you can get free programs, so that if you are just starting off your expenses can be kept to a minimum.

    Video making for beginners doesn’t have to be overly complicated to get a good response. In fact many of the videos that have gone on to become viral videos with hundreds of thousands or even millions of views are raw and do not have a lot of production or technical skills about them.

    The course is a little over 2 hours of videos and also includes valuable PDF handouts with how to get free stuff and online tools to assist you in your video making.

    To add value to the course and so that students can interact with me in a webinar with more useful enhancements to your videos like intros and logo animations has been included for those that complete the course and take the challenge in the final video.

    If you want to get traffic to your website, your store or any offers, making a video is the best way to start driving traffic that will last for a very long time. Videos have longevity in marketing and that’s why your time invested in this course is so worthwhile.

    People love watching videos and it is proven that video engages your audience much more than any other medium.

    Making videos is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy and is a skill you must learn to become successful on the internet.

    Whatever your reason fo talking this course is, I hope that I can help you to become a video maker and marketer and answer any questions you have.

    Many of you have skills that you can teach others and by learning to making simple videos that engage your au


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