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Video Marketing Goldmine – Bonuse and Recourse


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Video Marketing Goldmine creator Sean Donahoe is giving away a free training course. As we all know, Sean Donahoe is a very successful video marketer. Inside this free training, he will reveal some of his secrets on how you can grab a slice of the million-dollar money pie. One of his biggest secrets is how to fly under the radar inside the billion dollar markets using free tools. These free tools will let you uncover the best traffic and most profitable keywords easily. Once you have these gold keywords, he will then show you how to dominate the search engines fast and free. Take note that these keywords are where other competitors are spending millions of dollars just to get exposure and spot on the search engines and you will get that spot free.

Training Modules – Main
Video 1: Introduction – This introduction video will motivate you to have a great start on your video marketing journey and this will make you get going.
Video 2: Tools of the Trade – A guide on how to use the tools needed for this course and it will show you where to get these tools for free to get you started. Alternative commercial tools are also mentioned in this video.
Video 3: Finding Hot Markets Instantly – Complete techniques that you can apply easily to find profitable and hot markets today.
Video 4: Picking Proven Money Makers – This video will show you how to pick the right products to promote. It will also show techniques that can be used if you have your own product. This is applicable for all business types especially if you are an affiliate or a product creator.
Video 5: Laser Targeted Keyword Research – You will learn how to find the right keywords to choose and dominate. This will able you to get into billion dollar industries without having a hard time. Samples are also available in this video.
Video 6: Choosing the Right Campaign Strategy – This video is about different kind of strategies that you can use. It will teach you what strategy to use that will best apply for your market.
Video 7: Killer Video Content Strategies – Sean Donahoe will introduce his 10-step tornado technique. Easy to follow 10-step procedures that will able you to create content that effectively tap into people’s emotions, needs, and want.
Video 8: Making Movies that Sell – A video that will talk about on how to put all what you have learned into a video that sells.
Video 9: Putting it All Together – How to gather everything in 1 setup.
Video 10: 3-2-1 Action – An effective action plan so you can put your videos and campaigns online.
Video 11: Spread the Word – Guide on promoting your videos from start to finish.
Video 12: Total Niche Domination – This video will show you the right way on how to expand your video marketing business.
Video 13: Creating an Empire – A plan on how you can create empire of videos that will give you a huge consistent income.
Training Modules – Advanced
Advanced: Introduction – A brief advanced video marketing method introduction.
Advanced 1: Advanced Video Content Methods – All you need to learn on video content that converts.
Advanced 2: Power Lead Generation P


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