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Vince Kelvin – Beyond Hypnosis


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The ultimate hypnosis home study course ever created! Ever wonder how those stage hypnotists do it? Wish you could use the same techniques to help yourself, your loved ones, and totally influence others without them even knowing that you are? These 13 information Audios, 3 bonus Audios with hypnotic inductions, plus a 100 page manual and a two hour video will assist you to hypnotize anyone for any reason! You’ll master tools of unconscious influence for traditional hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis and for wide-awake everyday communication as well as lots of cool NLP stuff.


What Hypnosis Really Is
The Three Basic Levels of Hypnosis
How to Induce Hypnosis
The Illusion of Choice, Control and Participation
The Law of Commitment and Consistency
The Law of Adaptability
Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Models
Rapport, Responsiveness and Leading
Gathering Information
Disclaimer and Setting the Frame
Suggestibility Tests (Fingers Test, Hand Clasp and Arm Levitation)
Embracing Resistance
Calibration, Fractination and Ratification
Make It Be the Subject’s Choice and Responsibility
Rationalization: The Need to Justify
Step-by-Step Model
Trance-Deepening Techniques
Ideomotor Signals
Positive and Negative Hallucinations
Amnesia and Anesthesia
The Handshake Induction
Shock Induction (the Stand-Up Induction)
The Six C’s of the Covert Persuasion Model
The Hypnosis Model in Everyday Communication
Meta-Influence: The Key to Social and Mass Hypnosis
The Pitfalls of the “Friend Helper?
Syntax for Effective Change Work
Guiding Versus Projecting
Pinpointing What Exactly Must Change
Increasing Leverage
The Keys to Change
Areas and Levels of Transformation
Neurological Levels of Change
Role Reversal for Calibration and Reinforcement
Structuring Suggestions
Direct/Indirect, Directional/Nondirectional, Specific/General Suggestions
Truism, Links, Binds and Enhancers
Piggy-Back Suggestions
Embedded Commands
Pre-and Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
Happen, Happening, Happened
Pronouns and Time Shifts
Hypnotic Storytelling: Quotes, Metaphors and Analogies
The Milton Model


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