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Vitamin Mastery Encore Weekend 2017


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The web?s BIGGEST EVER teaching event on Vitamins and Disease
was FREE and ONLINE from January 19th to 25th 2017

Here?s what is in Vitamin Mastery

That Vitamin Movie
Complete Interviews
Every day we will present two of the very best interviews from the movie, complete and unedited. We will show 14 of the total 30 interviews completely free of charge.

The Nutritional Fortress
A new course by Andrew Saul
A crucial new 7-part series on building a nutritional wall around your family that nothing can get through. Vitamins, minerals and food are all covered.

That Vitamin Summit
Key 2016 Presentations
We?ve taken 14 of the best presentations to give you even more information on how to use Vitamins for Health.
Practical and motivational content..

?Join me for the web?s
specifically about
Vitamins and Supplements.
See the full length interviews that went into making That Vitamin Movie and see my new 7-part course on
?The Nutritional Fortress.?

Vitamin Mastery will help explain..
How many vitamins you SHOULD be taking, and from what sources?
Vitamin Brands. Could some of them actually be bad for you?
Will I just have expensive pee? Or are my supplements ?money well spent??
Cancer, Heart Disease, Depression and Diabetes. Which vitamins can really help me with these diseases?
My Children?s health. Exactly how much and at what age
Can?t I get enough from a good diet alone?

Our Speakers
These vitamin and supplement experts are here to help you understand the use of vitamins and supplements in giving you a healthier life. Find out how to use simple nutrients to radically improve your quality of life.

Andrew Saul
Vitamin Expert

Dr Joseph Mercola
Nutritional Medicine Pioneer

Sayer Ji
World Renowned Researcher

Ty Bollinger
Cancer Expert & Campaigner

Dr Eric Zielinski
Biblical Health Expert

Chris Wark
Speaker and Health Coach

Dr Kelly Brogan
Holistic Psychiatrist

Dr David Brownstein
Iodine Specialist

Dr David Jockers
Healthy Living Specialist

Jordan Rubin
Supplements Expert

Dr Tom Levy
Doctor and Lawyer

Dr Ron Hunninghake
Intravenous Vitamin C Expert

Erin Elizabeth

Wendy Myers FDN
Functional Nutritionalist

Helen Saul Case
Vitamin Author

Dr Alan Gaby
Natural Medicine Pioneer

Dr Carolyn Dean
Magnesium Expert

Dr Jonathan Prousky
Naturopathic Mental Health

Michael Gonzalez
Vitamin C for Cancer

Philip Day
Speaker Journalist

Dr Jorge Miranda Massari
Puerto Rican Professor

John Hoffer
MD and Son of Abram Hoffer
Your Hosts:

Andrew W Saul
Andrew Saul is affectionately known as the ?MegaVitamin Man?. It was in 2008 that Saul came to the public?s attention through Food Matters, the movie.
He has 40 years of experience in natural health education. His world famous, free-access educational website,, is one of the largest non-commercial natural health resource on the internet.

Michael Beattie
Michael is an award winning producer, director and writer based in Belfast. During 35 years in television, he has been a reporter, presenter, writer, producer, director and manager. Programs he has produced and/or directed have won awards in the UK, Ireland, New York, Chicago, Boston and Houston. He readily admits making ?That Vitamin Movie? changed his attitudes to health.

Trevor King
Trevor is a serial entrepreneur with a background in the financial sector.
Until recently he worked as a concert promoter across Europe and in India and Australia. He was also CEO…


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