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Vivek Vengala – PHP User Login Registration Script With All Features


Published on: December 10, 2020
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PHP User Management Project from basic to advanced covering all the features.

This course covers all the features of user management system. And it is best suitable for developers who want to learn with hands-on project. This project covers from basic to advanced concepts on working PHP project.

This course (User Authentication System) is structured based on the topics. And it is easily understood by any one who has basic knowledge of PHP & MySQL.

In user registration system you will learn

Username availability check
Activating user Account by E-Mail
Remembering submitted form data
Securing User Registration
Adding Captcha
In login system you will learn

Login with User Name or E-Mail
Securing Login from SQL injection
In forgot (reset) password, you will learn

Sending password directly through email
Resetting password using auto-generated password
In Members Area, you will learn

Altering DB structure based on our needs
Uploading profile picture and lot more.
And I?m going to add new lectures based on student inputs.


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