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Vrinda Normand – Lifestyle Business Masterclass


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The Lifestyle Business Masterclass is for you if…
? You’re unclear about your marketing messages and how to effectively describe your value
? You don’t know who your specific ideal clients are or how to find them
? You get stuck and confused when it comes to creating content or videos for your marketing
? You’re sick of wasting time with marketing strategies that don’t work
? Your email list is too small and not very responsive
? It’s embarrassing and depressing when so few people show up to your teleseminars
? Your website seems pretty useless because not enough of the right people are even seeing it
? You’re sick of struggling to get enough clients and…
? You’re ready to stop stressing out about cash flow

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. There IS hope!

Here’s some of the benefits…
? Automate your marketing to attract an endless flow of your ideal clients online
? Make your online marketing a beacon of light so the people you’re meant to serve
can easily find you
? Discover your irresistible marketing message – so you know exactly how to express
your value at any time
? Get crystal clear on WHO your ideal clients are and the words they’re looking for
? Get the proven formula for a client-captivating website
? Learn the secrets to craft compelling emails that stand out and get a huge response
? Easily grow your business with high-paying clients you LOVE
? Understand how to bring all the pieces together, so you have a marketing machine
that works for you
? Enjoy steady, abundant cash flow every month (that you can count on because you KNOW
your marketing is working)
? Enjoy more free time and uninterrupted vacations while your business remains
profitable and healthy
? Feel peaceful and fulfilled because you’re making a bigger difference, changing lives
and sharing your gifts

Here’s what our speakers are sharing in

The Lifestyle Business MasterClass…

Grow Your List to Grow Your Profits (and Your Free Time) – Vrinda Normand
? Learn automatic marketing secrets to create an endless flow of your ideal clients
? Discover easy strategies to build your email list with 1,000’s of people who need your offerings
? Expand your reach to leverage your business with group programs and information products
? Learn the most powerful (and time-saving) way to attract referrals by ?Word of Email?

How to Grow a Lucrative Business Sharing What You Were Born To Do – Steve Olsher
? Learn the 3 simple steps to immediately recognize the ONE thing you were born to do
? Identify the key strategy required to have someone else fund your transition
? Quickly, and easily, establish yourself as the go-to expert in your niche and begin generating income from your idea
in less than 60 days
? Become clear on how you’re meant to impact the world

A Multi-Millionaire MomPreneur’s Secrets to Having It All (Money, Meaning, Making a Difference, Marriage and Munchkins… Yes, You Can…) – Fabienne Fredrickson
? Taking a no-excuses approach to being of service in a BIG way (and getting handsomely rewarded for it)
? The essential time management techniques for balancing family and high-level entrepreneurial success,
especially with small children at home
? How to streamline your business AND home duties, including how to deal with laundry, dinner, doctors appointments,
and attending school functions, among other important things
? How to delegate, automate and systematize your entire business, so that a large part of it runs itself
(and you can spend time focusing on what – and who – you love most)

How to Create a Business That Gives You the Lifestyle You Want – PJ Van Hulle
? How to Double Your Income AND Your Time Off!
? The #1 Key to Creating More Freedom and Ease in Your Life (and Gaining an Extra 20 Hours per Week)
? How to Avoid the Top 3 Mistakes That Are Sucking the Life (and Profit) Out of Your Business
? When it’s Appropriate to ?Put out Fires? in Your Business and When It’s Better to Let Them Burn
? How to Compassionately Set Boundaries so That You Don’t Burn Out
? 3 Powerful Questions That Will Keep You on Track in Creating a Business and a Life that Bring You Joy
? How to Hire the ?Right? People so That You Can Focus on the Parts of Your Business That You Love
(and Also Step Away from Your Business, When You Want)

How To Launch Your Global Platform With Your Gifts,
While Making Meaningful Money – Maria Andros
? Automate your marketing so you stop selling one to one, and have sales coming in, even as you sleep
? Confidently create your very own high quality program, where your ideal clients can’t help but say YES to you
? Secure a year’s worth of income in less than 30 days
? Charge what you’re worth with confidence and step into your true value
? Have the freedom to not worry about price tags anymore, and to have BIG money in your bank account,
and a rich life of choice and not chance

Design Your ?Money? Magnetic Lifestyle with Pleasure – Morgana Rae
? Uncover your hidden blocks to financial abundance (they’re not what you think)
? Abolish financial anxiety
? Learn how to make pleasure and love lead to profit
? Rapidly change your relationship with money so you attract it, all the time

On the Road and Making Money: How ?BIG? Travel Leads to Your BIG Business
and Life! – Linda Claire Puig
? Why BIG travel is so critical for entrepreneurs and how it’s more possible than ever before to do.
? The 2 biggest obstacles to successfully running your business from the road (and how to overcome them)
? How to USE traveling to boost your business and personal brand.

The 6-Figure Sabbatical: How to Add 6-Figures to Your Business While Taking
2 plus Months Off – Elizabeth Purvis
? How to build and grow your team…even if you think you can’t afford it!
? The key mindsets that make a 6-figure sabbatical possible
? How to plan your time off: team, systems, and income streams
? The 2 things you MUST have in place in order for your business to run without you, so you can truly ?unplug? without worry
? A powerful revenue strategy for quickly adding 6-figures to your business, even when you’re not working

Soulful Selling: How To Easily Turn Exploratory Conversations Into Committed Clients
Who Are Eager To Pay Your Fees – Barb Wade
? The 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES you’re making that are literally keeping you from enrolling the clients who need you most
? The one QUESTION you must ask during each exploratory conversation that will make or break your getting the business!
? The 2 best strategies that encourage a potential client to take action with you NOW
(no more ?It’s not right timing but perhaps in the future?)
? My simple, 6-Step Formula for a steady stream of awesome, committed clients and ?getting to yes?
in a single conversation – regardless of price!

Attract Clients without Struggle – Sharla Jacobs
? How to easily connect with potential clients so they are ready and eager to work with you
? The proven system that has potential clients ready to work with you before you even pick up the phone
? The key to becoming a client magnet to quickly fuel your business with happy, paying clients
? How to avoid the costly mistake most conscious entrepreneurs make when closing the sale

Claim Your Ideal Clients and Say Yes to a Business and Life you Love – Lisa Cherney
? Laser-focus your marketing so you attract more of the people you love to work with.
(And learn how to say ?no? to non-Ideal Clients.)
? The Profit Path that will give you back your LIFE, as you begin reaching MORE people while investing LESS time!
? Build your confidence and conviction in the value of what you’re offering, and raise your fees! Earn what you are worth,
and what your Ideal Clients will be more than happy to pay you.
? Simplify your marketing so you can focus precisely on where your Ideal Clients hang out-this will save you hours and hours,
not to mention hundreds of dollars.

The ?MultiCast Marketing? Formula to Explode Your Business Online –
With Ease! – Mike Koenigs
? A simple 5-step content creation system that distributes your message worldwide in minutes, for free!
? Get paid handsomely for your advice and experience, not what you do
? How to reach the entire connected planet on every computer, tablet and mobile device with the click of a button
? How to rapidly build your online audience and grow your list with easy-to-make videos

How to Create a Business That Runs Itself – Beth Schneider
? How to build and grow your team…even if you think you can’t afford it!
? My sneaky trick that can Double Your Profits, while cutting working hours in half.
? How to streamline your day-to-day tasks to get out of overwhelm so you can GET STUFF DONE
? What to do to grow your business and make sure nothing and no one slips through the cracks
? The number one biggest mistake I made that kept me playing small for way too long and how you can avoid it

About Your Host Vrinda Normand
Vrinda Normand honed her word-savvy skills as an investigative journalist, publishing front-page cover stories for over 200,000 readers across the United States. Now she helps entrepreneurs attract clients and sales online with irresistible marketing. Vrinda doubled her Irresistible Online Marketing Training Company for 5 years in a row, expanding beyond 7-figures. She serves over 30,000 people in more than 10 countries. Her clients have grown 6-figure online businesses thanks to the strategies she teaches.


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