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Digi Strats – Webinar Alchemy: 7-Day Webinar Sales Blueprint


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Copy & paste my blueprint for webinars resulting in a $50,229 webinar & $1.9 million in sales over the past 2.5 years $50,229 in pure profits from an online sales presentation selling a product that didn?t even exist.. Those are the types of results that we?ve achieved with webinars in the span of just 5 days.
On top of that, $58,077 in sales selling with the affiliate webinar model and $24,082 from a backend webinar. Check out our Proof Screenshots and Videos in the Free Preview Videos. Guarantee: By the end of this course you’ll be able to create webinars that will generate $1,000+ each. What is a Webinar aka Online Sales Presentation? It’s simply a presentation that sells something at the end that can be scaled up to 100s of live attendees all eager to buy. readmore
You can sell informational courses like Udemy courses, software products, memberships or other people’s products and still get 50%! The exact same principles we?ll teach you apply to you if you’re interested in live events and even high ticket one on one sales meetings. Who is the DigiStrats Team? My name is Eric Weiss and on behalf of the DigiStrats team I want to welcome you to our 7-Day Webinar Course where I’ll be teaching you from A to Z how to create a webinar business from scratch if you don’t have any current business or how to explode your business with webinars if you’re already selling online. We?ve sold over $3 million dollars? worth of products in the past 2.5 years alone and out of that $1.9 million can be attributed directly to webinars. In this course we?ll unveil the hidden Black Art Webinar tactics that the 7-figure and 6-figure online business gurus use that are seldom discussed because these are the true money makers. We’re going to go deep under the hood of our own business model and show you the exact strategies on how. -We sold $50,229 worth of product without having the product finished -You can copy & paste our proven webinar sales presentation template that’s done $2 MIL+ for us -We got 800+ attendees LIVE on a webinar that resulted in $50k+ in profits in 5 days Using the case study model, we?ll construct a webinar from scratch during the course taking you through the following. -Day #1: 7-Figure Mental State – I tell you the easy way how to engage your audience even if you might think you’re not the ?right personality? for webianrs -Day #2: Webinar Building Blocks – The essentials for ultra-high conversions of $50+ per attendee for your webinars -Day #3: Masterminding a $50,299 Webinar Product – During this day I go over ?product hacks? even if you have no product & mastermind a product in a market I know ZERO about -Day #4: Crafting a $50,229 Presentation – During this module I’ll dissect one of our webinars and show you how I build it from scratch -Day #5: Traffic of 800+ Attendees to Your Webinar – Without having attendees you can?t sell anything so I’ll walk you through filling up your webinars?


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