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WedFilm Academy – Cinematic Wedding Film Tutorials


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Award-winning ‘FX Films’ and ‘Engage Cinematic’ combine our creative and technical knowledge and years of experience in the industry, to bring you extensive video tutorials covering everything and anything to help you make cinematic wedding films.

Aimed at:
– anyone wishing to turn their wedding videos into wedding films
– filming and editing hobbyists
– photographers who wish to film with their DSLRs
– those who want the comfort of receiving training from their own homes, and in their own time
– people who can’t travel to us for 1-to-1 training

Represented Canon UK, SWPP and IOV

Together we have represented Canon UK, SWPP and IOV, with speaker positions at seminars, and have both gained worldwide reputation, awards and a large fan-base of followers.

Constantly in demand, we both have a daily stream of enquiries from couples all round the world, who will pay top money for a high-end quality product.

Our aim is to share what we know, from our own tried and tested experience, so that you too can develop your own unique cinematic style, and gain well-valued reputations. In the long-run it benefits us all if our industry is received well by the general population.

Include wedding videographers, photographers and hobbyists

Our audience will include wedding videographers, photographers and hobbyists, and most noticeably, those that may prefer training that is paced to suit themselves (rather than 1-to-1, or group training academy workshops).


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