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Adoley Odunton & Jim Proser – Wellness Revolution


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Dear Friend,Remember what it was like ?being in the zone?? Doing something you loved, being at your very best and having everything in life going your way? You may believe that was then and this is now, or that ?being in the zone? is only temporary… or is only for young people, or just for winners. You might even believe that YOU can never get back there. But you can, and we’ll take you back to the Miracle Zone during the Wellness Revolution. We call it the Miracle Zone because it is where miracles are born.
You will discover the power of having a group of like-minded people supporting you with their energy to accelerate your intentions. Add prayer and energy healing support and you have everything you need to naturally and easily slip into the Miracle Zone. On the Wellness Revolution you will meet the visionary healers, enlightened doctors and miraculous practitioners who have the solutions you need to heal your life right now. They will lead you to your perfect life in the Miracle Zone.

Your Perfect Life in the Miracle Zone
. Unexpected gifts and blessings just seem to come into my life
. I feel connected to Source Energy. I don’t feel ‘separate? or that I’m doing life ?on my own?
. I feel connected and supported by others
. Life is becoming easier
. When I have challenges I have faith that I will move through them
. I have a glass half full mentality, in fact it is often full to the brim and overflowing!
. I think of someone and they magically call or show up
. The universe just seems to say ?Yes? to me
. I feel ?happy for no reason?
. Despite my challenges – health, wealth, relationships – life feels good to and for me
. I feel energetic and vibrant most of the time
. For me, life is good most of the time
. I am too busy living to feel sorry for myself most of the time
. ?Magic? happens every day
. I’m passionate and engaged in my life
. I am content with my present even though I have plans for my future
. I count my blessings
. I share my life and blessings with others and find they reciprocate

And here’s just a fraction of what You Will Experience that can change your life right now.
. Interactive, in-depth interviews that can change your health, your future and your life
. Q and A sessions where you can get on the spot coaching or healing work, from top doctorsand healers
. A ?Special Event? interactive workshop where you will experience the power of sound healing
. Powerful ?Special Event? ?energy medicine? healing sessions by the masters of vibrational healing
. Low cost, simple, and natural remedies for common health problems
. Learn how to trust the guidance coming to you and supercharge your intuition
. A rapid healing technique that is fast, simple and effective
. How to create a home pharmacy using essential oils
. How to Recognize and Powerfully Manage Negative Self-Talk
. The Secret to Living an Upset-Free Life
. Prosperity secrets to abolish your financial anxiety
. A powerful energy process that frees you from anxiety, worry and depression
. Discover the most powerful force in the Universe – your connection to Source Energy

Which of Our Speakers Will Lead You into the MIRACLE ZONE?

Dreams That Diagnose Wellness Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos Listen to this call and:
. Hear Kat’s fascinating story of how she was diagnosed with cancer that her doctors missed, not once, not twice,
but three times in her dreams
. Develop your unique, authentic inner guidance
. Learn 6 easy steps to remember your dreams
. Learn about the 7 types of dreams and how to recognize them
. Discover exactly how to turn your worst nightmares into life saving information
. Make a heart to heart connection with your guardian angel or spirit guides!
. And so much more!

Learn How to Change Your Life with the Power of Intention Lynne McTaggart
Today… the secrets your doctors don’t tell you are revealed by the master of healing with human intention – Lynne McTaggart. This is where miracles are born… where science meets spirit. Intentioneering is our word that describes the science of powering up and directing your thoughts to heal yourself, your loved ones and the world. Today we continue to practice the secret techniques recently verified by scientific research to broadcast your heart-centered power of intention. And learn how to amplify ?…that still small voice? your internal GPS of your natural intuition.

Two Weeks to Unexpected Income, the Universe on Speed Dial! Marilyn Jenett Listen to this call and:
. Why spiritual substance is steadfast and doesn’t care about economic cycles
. How everything can change in two weeks – the psychological proof
. Why what you think is your source of income is really not your source of income
. Why Marilyn’s ?law of satisfaction? works even faster than the Law of Attraction
. Three words you should never utter again if you want true prosperity
. And much more!

Learn How to Harness Your Sexy, Juicy, Joyful Sex Drive Now! Dr. Sara Gottfried Listen to this call and:
. Why you struggle so much with weight, food, exercise, and sex
. How you do sex is how you do everything
. The top reasons for low energy and sex drive in women
. To recognize if you have a hormone problem
. And much more!

Activating Soulfulness: Igniting Your Limitless Possibility Panache Desai Listen to this call and:
. Gain direct access to the real source of transformation – vulnerability
. Meet perceived limitations with tenderness and openness
. Live an authentic life that’s consciously connected to your soul and being
. Allow authenticity to become your new normal as you access your unlimited possibilities every day
. And much more!

Your 21st century ?Magic Wand? is here… Peter Schenk Listen to this call and:
. Why Aquaware is one of the coolest consciousness raising products that you will ever own?
. Why water is the perfect medium to carry our intention and frequencies
. How Aquaware works to ?blankslate our 4.5 billion year old water? of its previous history of energies and frequencies
. How exactly we can use Peter’s software programs to charge ANY body of water or anything containing water
. How we generate frequencies that modify structural forms within water
. Why this is different and more powerful than just putting a label like ?abundance? stuck to your water
. Why this program kicks our unconscious sabotaging beliefs out of the picture and guides our subconscious mind to accept
our chosen intention frequencies
. The results you can expect to see- from the immediate change of taste of your water, to your intentions coming to life
for manifesting your greatest potential
. And much more!

Your Bridge to the 5th Dimension Mashhur Anam Listen to this call and:
. The basics of ascension and our next steps using holographic tools
. How to detach from the morphic fields of lack and step into your abundance
. How to work with our Sun and operate from neutrality and non-judgment for faster manifestation
. The stars Maya and Alcyone and how to receive information and guidance about your next steps, your vision, your purpose
and blue print for our new humanity
. And much more!

HeartMath: Activating the Heart’s Intelligence Howard Martin Listen to this call and:
. How change is happening quickly and a new world is emerging
. What a heart-based world is and how to recognize it
. How HeartMath and Heart Intelligence can make you aware of the changes taking place
. Using intuition as ?heart intelligence? and how we can develop it
. How to use techniques or methods to increase ?heart intelligence?
. What is resilience and why is it important now
. The science behind earth monitoring and the Global Coherence Initiative
. What you can do to increase your personal coherence, resilience and to help create more global coherence
. And much more!

NeuroWisdom 101: Mark Waldman Listen to this call and:
. Stimulate 1200 stress-reducing genes with one word
. Discover how pleasure creates consciousness
. Shift between 6 levels of consciousness to improve health, work, and relationshipse
. Use a mindfulness clock to increase concentration and attentivenesst
. Discover the neurological benefits of daydreaming
. 5 proven strategies to eliminate negativity and fear
. Increase work productivity by doing one minute of mindfulness each hour
. Build self-esteem by keeping a gratitude journal
. And much more!

Sacred Science Nick Polizzi Listen to this call and:
. Learn about centuries old traditions for healing and wellness
. How indigenous medicine men and shamans treat everyday common yet serious illnesses
. How this ancient system of medicine uses natural plants as medicine
. How spiritual exercises, natural medicines, and psychoactive plants are used to treat illness
. And much more!
?Special Viewing of the ?Sacred Science Movie? Only Available on the Wellness Revolution?
Watch Nick’s Documentary and Learn How the Past holds the Keys to our Future!

Infinite Abundance: Bringing Presence to Prosperity Jarrad Hewett Listen to this call and:
. Learn how your lineage and past effects your relationship with money
. How to clear your Genetic Lineage and allow money to flow into your future
. The key to releasing fear of change and letting go of blame to claim your Divine Flow
. How to clear your Money Matrix and create Infinite Abundance
. And much more!

Soul Reunion – The Return Home from Separation. Heal ALL of your life challenges from a Soul level. Susann Taylor Shier Listen to this call and:
. Learn how to heal your Health, Wealth and Happiness Challenges at a Soul Level!
. That all your issues stem from soul level wounds within you?
. How to Experience, as Never Before, a Tangible Connection to your True Purpose, Soul Origin,
Home Essence and Spiritual Family.
. How to activate the power of soul-level fulfillment
. How you can discover the missing piece for ultimate soul healing
. And much more!

Is Your Destiny Written In Stone? Dougall Fraser Listen to this call and:
. How to supercharge your intuition and inherent wisdom through various easy exercises
. How to eliminate self-doubt and learn how to trust the information coming to you
. How to find peace and stillness from a simple, yet effective meditation technique that you can do anywhere
. And much more!

Human Potential: Know and Own Your True Power Jaimsyne Blakely Listen to this call and:
. Discover your authentic voice
. Take the helm in your life
. Learn to amplify your energy at will
. Live in and embody fulfillment
. Quickly know the truth to make accurate decisions and solve problems

Guidance From Your Highest Self Rikka Zimmerman Listen to this call and:
. You can soar EFFORTLESSLY into the life you’ve always dreamed of
. You are in process of creating (how to create) a magnificent life that is totally PERFECT for you
. You are the ADVENTURER who can have everything you ever wanted
. You are FREE of everything and everyone that has ever held you back
. You can live life to its FULLEST in every moment of every day, without regret or fear
. You are truly SUPPORTED and LOVED beyond anything you ever thought possible
. You really CAN be everything you have always known you were meant to be

The Magic and Medicine of Essential Oils David Crow Listen to this call and:
. How to use oils safely to avoid adverse reactionsf
. The most important oils for a home pharmacy
. Simple remedies for common health problems
. Using essential oils for building immunity and increasing vitality
. Using essential oils for relaxation, reducing stress, and increasing emotional wellbeing

Happy Genes, Healthy Genes, Skinny Genes Dawson Church Listen to this call and:
. How your happiness level affects your genes
. If you’re genetically predisposed to hereditary diseases like cancer and heart disease, are they inevitable?
. Understanding about the link between your hormones, brain waves, and genes
. When you use the techniques in Skinny Genes, research shows you continue losing weight after the course ends

Super Hydrate and Detoxify with Structured Water Clayton Nolte Listen to this call and:
. Increased hydration, increased absorption of nutrients in our food
. Healthier bodies, skin, hair, and nails
. Dissolves hard minerals in the water (due to lower surface tension)
. De-calcifies the pineal gland, which can assist in expanding consciousness
. Clear ?brain fog? and expand your consciousness
. And much more!

Invincible Wellness: Ditch the Diagnosis Maria Whalen Listen to this call and:
. How to overcome the ‘mystery? health issues no one can solve
. Finally put to rest the answers of what the physicians and practioners can’t pinpoint
. How to overcome your low energy reserves and finally get things done
. Gain total control over your mood swings from living life on the edge
. How to move beyond ?cope? into a state of ?HOPE? once and for all
. And much more!

Journey to the Realm of Angels Deborah King Listen to this call and:
. What Angelic Healing is and how it relates to energy healing
. Where Angels get their energy
. How our personal energy field can interact with the Angels
. How Angels protect us and how to recognize it
. How to communicate with them
. PLUS: Bonus exercise of opening your 3rd eye to connect with them!

Flexing Your Happiness Muscle without Breaking a Sweat Jeffrey Gignac Listen to this call and:
. How Audio Technologies can exercise your brain and optimize brain functions
. Improve memory, focus and concentration
. How to slow – or even reverse the aging process of your brain (and body)
. Reduce negative thinking
. Reduce stress and negative feelings
. Improve Mental and Physical Performance
. Learn to Live Life Happy! It’s a skill that everyone needs to learn

Metabolic Exercise: How to Generate 48 hours of FAT BURNING from 15 Minutes of Exercise Dr. Jade Teta Listen to this call and:
. Why most exercise programs fail
. How to balance the metabolism for sustained and lasting fat loss
. How to slow – or even reverse the aging process of your brain (and body)
. How to generate a metabolic after burn in your own workouts
. Ignite metabolism, strip off stubborn fat and tone muscle
. Activate your internal anti-aging program

Discover How The Biohacking Movement Can Help You Think Faster, Feel Better, And Have The Energy Of A 17 Year Old Dr. Anthony Beck Listen to this call and:
. A clear way to more energy, better sleep, weight loss, and more
. How to remove the noise and confusion by following the Balance Protocol framework
. Simple brain hacks that will boost your IQ, Memory, and Focus
. And much more!!

Listen and Receive Jo Dunning Listen to this call and:
. Why you may be experiences many challenges in your life right now
. How to move through the challenges and thrive
. The role of spiritual leaders during this time
. And much more!!

Immersion Into The Miracle Zone: Healing The Wounds That Bind You Kenji Kumara Listen to this call and:
. The 3 Ps: Possibilities, Potentials and Parallel Realities
. How to Re-frame Your Destiny Pattern
. Achieving Transcendance in the Physical World
. Gain relief from anxiety, worry and depression
. How to shift of physical symptoms
. Learn to express through Joy and Appreciation
. Enhanced awareness of ‘stuff?
. Attain greater inner peace and well-beingness
. Miracles, and much more…

Science of Intuition … Awakening to Your Higher Self Christel Hughes Listen to this call and:
. The secrets to Intuition that no one is talking about
. The energetic template of your Intuitive abilities
. How you are energetically ‘wired’ for flowing energy
. Whether you have what it takes to make a living as a high level intuitive
. And much more …

The Power of Light and Sound to Heal Dr. Todd Ovokaitys Listen to this call and:
. Amplifying Your Personal Abilities and Gifts
. Breaking Through Barriers to Higher Dimensional DNA Attributes
. Prompting Profound Personal Transformation and Healing
. Opening New Doors of Awareness
. Magnifying Intention and Synchronicity in Your Life
. Experiencing the Expansion and Well-being of Group Toning
. Meeting Kindred Spirits!
. And much more …

Living In The Miracle Zone! Marci Shimoff Listen to this call and:
. The secrets to living an inspired life
. The keys to feeling happy, confident, purposeful and in the flow regardless of circumstances
. How to create radiant health and tap into the vibrant energy to fully enjoy life
. To create abundance doing the work you truly love
. Live every day of your year filled with joy, ease and miracles
. And much more …

Life in the Miracle Zone
Learn How to Write Your Own Intentions

PLUS… Unbelievable Gifts and Opt-In Bonuses!!!


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