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What no one tells you about Pointer, String, Structure-Union


Published on: December 10, 2020
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C language: Learn the intermediate C programming with topics like Pointers, Strings, Structures and Unions.

Hello, friends! Welcome to the course of intermediate training of C language. As we know, C is the primary language to start a career in programming. Through this course, you can learn each and every aspect of programming. This course will cover the intermediate topic in C, so you must know the basics of C language to start with the course.

Please have a look at the curriculum below to know what topics are covered in this training. Major topics like pointers, strings, structures and unions are discussed in this course.

As already stated, basics of the language are not covered so you must know how to write a basic program in C language and rest of the things I will teach you in the course.

All the topics are covered in its depth, and I tried my best to explain everything clearly using simple English words. So, if English is not your native language then still you can learn easily.


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