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Whiteboard Madness


Published on: December 10, 2020
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What is Whiteboard Madness?

“Whiteboard Madness? is a complete digital assets for creating whiteboard video and it works with VideomakerFX, Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Videoscribe (Sparkol), Ms Powepoint, Keynote.

As you might realize video sales letter is trending and video softwares are heavily used by marketers like you to offer their product. “Whiteboard madness? offers over 700 high quality whiteboard images ready to be used

“Whiteboard Madness? contains over 700+ graphic, your subscriber will absolutely LOVE it!

#1 Module: Businessman

#2 Module: Whiteboard Guy

#3 Module: Fitness Guy

#4 Module: Talk Baloon

#5 Module: Arrow

#6 Module: Ribbon

#7 Module: Comic Baloon

#8 Module: Comic Strip

#9 Module: Tech Gadget

#10 Module: Music Icon

#11 Module: Money Icon

#12 Module: Food Icon

#13 Module: Badges

#14 Module: Medical

#15 Module: Money Icon 2

#16 Module: Enviroment

#17 Module: Circle Arrow

#18 Module: Travel Icon

#19 Module: Square Talk

#20 Module: Eviroment 2

#21 Module: Stickman

#22 Module: Web Icon

#23 Module: Web Icon 2

#24 Module: Female Character

#25 Module: Casual Guy


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