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William Buhlman – Exploring Your Past Lives


Published on: December 14, 2020
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This unique 5-audio set contains 4-D technology, which is the result of modern scientific research and ancient healing techniques. Precisely tuned soundwaves are used to create binaural beats; inducing self-initiated and controlled altered states of consciousness. This program will help to transport you to a higher state of mind, opening your consciousness to endless possibilities and realities.

In this exciting 5-audio set, you will experience guided meditations, hypnosis, and instructional discussions, presented in a home workshop format.

Part 1 – A preparation audio for past life exploration. An extensive array of conditioning and opening techniques to prepare you to be a better receiver of past life insights and information.

Part 2: Relax and enjoy a full length (60-minute) past life exploration hypnosis session.

Part 3: Experience a powerful 60 minute regression to the source of a current problem or issue.

Part 4: Explore and connect with your spiritual guide or higher self.

Part 5: Experience a progression to a future event or lifetime.


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