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Winston Shrout – Phoenix (Mastering Solutions)


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Contracts, contracts, contract …what is the contract? Historically and down to the present time, the interaction between people has been one series of contracts after another. From the colonial times in America right down to that last mortgage you signed yesterday you have simply been creating contractual agreements in regards to how you will perform. An expectation of an end result is the motivating factor to induce people to contract one with another. Unfortunately, too many are blindly entering into agreements which bind them to misunderstandings, especially when public policy is factored into the mix. The overriding principle here, then, is what is your intent when you are making these contractual agreements? Is the execution of those contracts as per your intent? Are you being misled? Are you being taken advantage of?

Topic List

part One
1. Dom & Vin UK
2. Commerce in UK
3. Birth Certificates
4. Justice in UK

part Two
1. Court in UK Cont’d
2. Winston Intro
3. Secretary of Treas. Address
4. Commercial Lien
5. AFV IRS Presentment
6. Administrative Procedures
7. The Orphan Constitution

part Three
1. The Orphan Constitution Cont’d
2. President’s Oath of Office
3. Questions 3
4. Definition of a Claim
5. Administrative Law Defined
6. Diversified metal Case
7. APA Background
8. Court Story
9. Court = Markets

part Four
1. APA Adjudication & Review
2. Mortgage Remedies
3. Successor Trustee
4. Notice of Amendment
5. New Parties
6. Termination of a Trust
7. Questions 4
8. Warranty Deed
9. Bond Order

part Five
1. Bill of Sale
2. Declaration of Ownership
3. Use Agreement
4. Questions 5
5. Double Entry Booking
6. GSA Optional Form 90
7. GSA Optional Form 91
8. GSA Standard From 28

part Six
1. The Beginning of Commerce
2. Learn the Fundamentals
3. GSA & Mortgages
4. Questions 6
5. Quick Foundation Review
6. Product Summary
7. GSA Forms Applied

part Seven
1. Birth Certificate & SS #
2. Certificate of Live Birth vs.Birth Certificate
3. Letter to Vital Statistics
4. Notice of Correction
5. Public Notice
6. Questions 7
7. Accounts Payable & Receivable
8. Civil Complaints Explained
9. Abandoned Funds
10. All Courts is Civil
11. Subpoena Cuces Tecum

part Eight
1. Resolving Criminal Matters
2. Criminal & Courts Bonding
3. Fiduciaries & Sureties
4. Winston Visits the IRS
5. Identity Hearing
6. Identity Doc 3.a
7. All Corporations Bankrupt


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