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Winston Shrout – Seattle Seminar


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Course Content


In Seattle there was demonstrated several tools that could be used to settle some of the situations that seem to plague people working in the public and in the courts. Without tools it is hard to erect a building or to build a working relationship with the public.

Topic List
part One

Introductory Remarks
All Wealth Comes From the Ground
Fiduciary (A)
Presumption vs. Fact
Admiralty & Merchant Law
Weights and Measures
Creation of Liability

part Two

Fiduciary Creditor
Fiduciary Debtor
Show Cause Hearing
Negotiable Instrument
Amicus Curiae
Establish Liability
Gift Tax
Evidentiary Jacket
Bill of Lading
Oath of Office

part Three

Ways to Admit Evidence
Judgment in Estopell
Habeas Corpus
Right to Petition
Bill of Particulars
Exhaust Your Remedies (A)
Jurisdiction of Venue
Restraint of Liberty
Exhaustion of Remedy (B),
Strategy of Habeas Corpus
Writ for Habeas Corpus and Notice of Hearing
List of Questions
Habeas Proceedure

part Four

Exhausting Administrative Process
Accepted for Value and return for settlement
Regulation ?Z?
Insurance Claim
Q&A Fiduciary
Checking Accounts
Domicile and Residence
Filing Jurisdiction for Habeas
Personal Restraint Petition
Jurisdiction in Fact
Acceptance for Value Process
How Courts Run

part Five

Notice of International Commercial Claim
Tracking Numbers
Petition for Agreement
Declarant by Visitation
Affidavit Pleading
Liability Implies Remedy
Statement of Facts
Statements and Inquiries
True Bill
Purpose of Lien Right
Jencks Act
Determine Worth of Injury
Notice to Respond
Notice of Fault Opportunity to Cure
Statute Staple
Notice of Default
Ex. of Non-Response
How to get Judicial Review

part Six

Q & A Cont’d
Order of Documents
Writ of Assistance
Criminal Cross Complaint
Make Your Own Record
Promissory Notes
Why Use Promissory Notes
Conditions of Presentment
Enforcing Discharge of Debt
Uncooperative Notaries
Refusal of Presentment is Default
Q & A Indemnification Clause
Notice of Default and Dishonor
Short Version
Tracking Notice
Don’t Cash Refund Checks
Q on Long form
Q & A Misc

part Seven

Social Security Bonding
Affidavit of NegativeAverment
Subpoena Duces Tecum
Bonding Q & A
Bond Hearing


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