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Winston Wee – The Almost Perfect Options Trading Strategy System – Unique


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This is a Unique Options Trading System

There wasn’t a name for this but I like to call it “The Almost Perfect Options Trading Strategy”

This course together with Options 101 (Free on Udemy) will bring your Options Trading to a higher level.

The strategy involve Leaps, Put, Call, Covered Call, Diagonal, Calendar, Collar. While it may seem complicated it is not. Just a set of adjustment rule to follow.

The system only require 30 minutes a month. Not a day but a month. You do not have to glue to the screen to watch your trade. You only need to do it once a month.

The built in strategy has no naked options involve so you can sleep with peace at the end of the day. It has a protective Leaps Put in place so even if the stock drop to $0 your position is fully covered. Well, that why it is call The Almost Perfect Options Trading Strategy”

Is it complicated since so many method is involve?

No it is not, you only required 30 minutes in a month to trade this system. And the adjustment rule is objective. Adjustment will be done on the 3rd Friday of the month when options expire.


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