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Word Problems an Intro – Key to Math and Science success (2016)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Learn to solve Word Problems. Develop Sharp mathematical thinking. Proven Methodology, including Examples and Practice

Confused from word problems ? don?t know how to start solving ? you get to the right place.

What is this course about ?

We will learn an approach toward solving word problems. This approach is based on a systematic process to follow when facing word problems.

Why take this course ?

After this course you will:

Improve your ability to solve word problems correctly.
Improve your achievements and grades.
Become more confident Student.
Have a lot better success in exams and assignments.
Have a lot better mathematical understanding.
Be able to reason, communicate ideas, make connections, and apply your knowledge and skills into practice.
Find more enjoyment in Science and Math.
Significantly increase your critical thinking skills.
And much more?
Course Material

All the lessons are presented in a clear language using animated video slideshows.

PDF Printable assignments and solution

Quizzes after each lesson to help you comprehend the material


High school and College Students
Who want to have better achievements in math or overcome difficulties in solving word problems.

Parents who want to encourage their sons and daughters to get word problem solving skills

Who want to give students a solid conceptual foundation in word problem solving and mathematical thinking

Mid School students
Can develop mathematical skills early as possible. These audience can get the highest benefit, but probably will need support and guidance from a parent or teacher.


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