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WSO OF THE DAY – Evolution Affiliate – From 0 to $313.46 in 72 hours?


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Module #1 – Networks In this module I will explain the kinds of networks that have the best offers for EVOLUTION. We will talk about networks that offer health products, physical products, and digital products. I will also show you exactly how to join these networks, including a cheat sheet to help get you started. Module #2- Picking Offers During this module we will dig into the networks we joined in the first module. I will show you the offers that will convert best, what offers to avoid, and provide a cheat sheet to find the best selling offers 100% of the time – even if you’ve never been an affiliate before. Module #3 – Buyer Persona In this module we will work on an exercise that has had dramatic increases in sales for every campaign I’ve worked on. I will show you how to avoid the #1 mistake of promoting affiliate products to everyone, and show you how to focus on selling to one type of customer. This includes PDF templates to help build your persona. Module #4 – Prospecting Content In this module I will show you how sending traffic to YouTube videos, authority websites, or even Facebook pages, can create a custom audience that will be FILLED with targeted buyers that we can then promote your affiliate offers to – This is where things get really exciting! Module #5 – Free/Paid Traffic In this module I will show you 6 sources of free traffic that you can use to build up a custom audience to sell your affiliate products to, and give you a complete case study using paid traffic for students who want to SUPERCHARGE their results faster Module #6 – Sales In this module I’ll show you how to get sales without doing any selling. We will sell your affiliate product to the custom audience you’ve been building up and you’ll see the cash hit your affiliate account in a few hours. Easy.


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