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Yair Dolev – CPA List Revolution


Published on: December 14, 2020
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After spending a few years dabbling in Internet Marketing without ever settling on any one thing… I managed to get a basic understanding of pretty much all elements of IM.

But the one thing that stood out as ‘the most important thing’ was List Building.

Despite being hard and complicated to some folks, it’s also being done wrong by vast majority as well. More than a few times in the past, I bought solos, and tried different things, and I made A Big Fat Zero.

So I spent the last year gathering all the materials I could find on, websites, high ticket courses, forums… That was really time consuming and expensive.

It’s an incredibly deep subject, and if most people knew how many factors you had to take into account…

It also took a hell of a long time to get through all those materials, only to realize there was no single solution. I had to go ‘Bruce Lee Style’ and take only the parts that would work, and discard the rest.

And that’s when I realized that I can actually get paid to build my list…

I was shocked to find I would have made more money in that space of time if I would have just done this…

But once I finally had a system in place… I put it to work. And the results were TOTALLY worth it.

The next week I did the same, and within a couple of months, I was finally living the dream.

People thought I was crazy when I first told them about this… And I don’t blame them…

I mean really? CPA AND List Building?

CPA known as the easiest way to make money…

And List Building known as the best way to make money online in the long term game, and with push button profits…

What happens when you combine them both?

Well, they were right to feel that way, it sounded crazy to me when I first found out about it!
But once I set my doubts aside and put it to the test, I started to enjoy those exact results.


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