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Yoga International – Living Yoga Conference April 2015


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Seane Corn
Addressing Privilege and Inequity in Yoga Service
How can we create the space to hold the light that is necessary to serve our communities and our world? If we really want equality and peace, then we must do our own inner work and heal our own limited beliefs; otherwise we become part of the problem.

Seane Corn
The Empowered Teacher
Seane speaks about how she?s been able to transform once-limited views about money and overtime into abundance consciousness and confidence, and how she skillfully shares this wisdom with students.

Seane Corn
Body Prayer
From the porch of her yurt, Seane Corn delivers a heartfelt practice that includes dynamic asana and devotional prayer. This practice is suitable for beginning and intermediate practitioners.

Vasant Lad
An Ayurvedic Journey: From Cosmic Consciousness to Daily Life
Dr. Lad shares ways in which ayurveda and yoga work together, and gives practical tips on how these two sciences can support a modern lifestyle.

Lilias Folan
Breathe, Stretch, and Smile: 5 Practices for Every Body
?First Lady of Yoga,? Lilias Folan, delivers 5 simple practices to help you cultivate a field of healing grace and personal transformation.

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
Enrich Your Yoga Practice with the Power of Tantra
Discover how tantra and yoga practices are actually one, and explore the tantric application of asana, mantra, and pranayama.

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
A Tantric Meditation
Derived directly from the Yoga Sutra, this practice is completely intertwined with tantra vidya, the practical science of tantra, and focuses on the breath as a means to increased awareness.

Rolf Sovik
Meditation Step-By-Step
Rolf reveals a step-by-step approach for experiencing the practice of meditation.

Rolf Sovik
Asana for Meditation
A simple asana practice to prepare your body to sit for meditation.

Robert Svoboda
Pratyahara: The Yoga of Seeing and Believing
Following the principles of ayurveda, Dr. Svoboda explains the importance of practicing pratyahara, or resting the senses, to bring peace and stability to our modern, busy, and often fragmented lives.

Robert Svoboda
A Meditation for Clarity
A meditation that guides healing prana to move through the body, refreshing stagnant energies and finally coming to rest in the manipura chakra.

Shiva Rea
Movement Meditation: The Art of Namaskar
To practice namaskar is, in any moment, to gaze up and witness the miracle of life. This workshop includes a heart-centered journey through meditative movement.

Sally Kempton
Tantra for Inner Freedom
Join Sally Kempton for a discussion and practice of three potent tantric meditations that lead to an experience of the most radical understanding of tantra.

Rod Stryker
Discovering the Treasures of Yoga
Rod explores yoga?s promises and treasures and explains how they are revealed and supported through an enlightened, holistic combination of yoga, tantra, and ayurveda.


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